Are there any single SOT's the a person can lie down in and chill in semi-comfort

I like to stop and have coffee towards the end of a paddle and its OK sitting up, but wonder if there are any SOT’s that you can actually lie down in.

Depends upon many factors. Look for low seat back and generous rear deck space. Just remember if you have … heavy upper body … and lean back on a short boat it will likely get tippy. Like a lay back roll. Of course if you are young and skinny like this fellow it won’t matter.

use to be young and skinny, and even modified a CLC kit boat to have a removable forward bulkhead so I could sleep in it lying down. I hear Maligiaq has been caught taking bonafide catnaps while balance bracing. Sadly, my young and skinny days have long since passed. I have, with some success, removed my PFD, put it on the back deck and used it kind of like a recliner cushion.

They’re called canoes.

You could get one of those kayak/SUP hybrids, like the perception Hi Life or Ocean Kayak Nalu.

How about the Outbound GT? Seen on the discussion board.