Are there options for hanging a new cane Old Town Penobscot 16 seat?

I have to replace the bow cane seat in my Penobscot 16. The wood seat frame finally had enough years of holding my graceful ex-lineman/rugby bum physique paddling solo in between short forays with friends and grandkids. I have a seat coming, I have some dowel-and-bolt spacers in hand to hang like the older factory spec set-up, but am wondering if there is any value in considering something like the wood hangers that Ed’s sells or some other approach than the wobbly dowels and bolts…that have worked well enough since that boat and I joined forces in 1993. I am tweaking the bow seat to go with a wider cane area which I hope will be more comfortable, but I suppose could also be a titch weaker withe more cane. Will also eventually replace the stern with a contour seat…which sounds good, although I made the mistake (it seems so far…) of ordering from instead of direct from Ed’s. Ever-shifting delivery dates, with no communication. It’s probably covid related, but i’ll Either deal direct with Ed’s or with Rutabaga who are old friends fron now on - my education continues.

The truss style seat hangers from Ed’s will reduce or eliminate any wobbliness. I suggest that you communicate with Ed’s to make sure you get the hole spacing you need because hole spacing is not standardized. In my experience replacing Bell canoe seats with seats from Ed’s the frames are thicker on Ed’s seats so they add some stiffness and a little weight. I think webbed seats are more comfy than cane. With cane seats (or even with webbed) you might want to add a seat pad if you are looking for more comfort. Wenonah sells an inflatable seat pad for $20 and Cooke Custom Sewing offers a nice seat pad too.

I just converted an older Old Town Canadienne (15’7") from a tandem boat to a solo boat. Took out the seats, the middle thwart, and added a forward thwart in the old forward seat holes and added a curved seat from Essex Industries. Currently the seat is hung with the dowels and long bolts, but I plan to make some seat hangers similar to the ones Bell Canoe uses. I paddle with my dog, so I put the front edge of the seat about 9 inches behind the balance point of the boat. If I kneel, it will put the boat slightly weight forward for going into the wind.

In order to carry the boat, I have a 2 inch nylon web that attaches to the old center thwart holes, but it out of the way when paddling. The OT is kevlar weighs under 50 pounds. made in 1989.

Thanks! Couldn’t tell from the words posted on the Eds’ site that there was a good way to get a dialogue going, but it’s clear from your comment and one I saw at Rutabaga that the dialogue occurs and that customers are happy with how things get worked out. The size and hole spacing will be an issue to work out, not clear that their standard will accommodate the typical OT spacing, but time to find out. Thanks also for the ideas on seat options and pads. Dan Cooke products are long-trusted parts of my kit, will see what he has when I get this all in and head back up that way in a few months. Not sure why I chose cane over web, just went with what I had used the first 20-some years… wasn’t really aesthetics considering then wear I have on the rig.

Interesting… your “older” and slightly shorter refit is an option to consider, although I had shied away from it previously since I always wanted the option of another person along in addition to my fine dogs who have traveled with me. I will probably keep the OT which is royalex and currently just short of 60 pounds as a tandem and am giving serious thought to adding a longer lighter tripping solo that I can hoist over at least a few more portages that’ll sneak me into a few more small lakes or riffle pool stream stretches for a few more years without undoing the ortho’s good work.

The 2-inch web for portage sounds interesting if I end up traveling with a lighter rig, also thanks on the idea o perhaps having to cut something of my own - I’ll see what Ed’ has, but if needed I do have access to some shop equipment which could help with both hanging and moving seats if needed.

I don’t have much to offer on your seat, but please allow me to rant for a minute! I’ll second the notion of looking at Ed’s. I’ve also had what sounds like a similar experience as yours with ACK on my last order. Multiple calls after waiting weeks. Item went out of stock almost a month after I ordered and they have decided not to restock it, yet never notified me, and on and on. Never again.

Sorry - please resume the useful dialog.

I’ve always been pleased/impressed with Ed’s service and the quality of his stuff. Hemlock canoe also offers everything you might need and perhaps the best seats available and they’ll also give you excellent service plus you get to deal with a canoe legend (Dave Curtis). With Ed’s or Hemlock you also get to support an awesome small business. :+1:

Mohawk has web yokes on their site. I have 3 mounted on 2 solo canoes and a 3 seat Dagger reflection. They are plenty strong.

Actually thanks, good to know my read seems to be on target… Austin is home to many old friends, but the paddling supplies were apparently a bad guess. Ah well. I will give them the alleged June 15 ship date on the one purchase and see what I can do to cancel the one they claim won’t ship until July or August and avoid further pain. thanks for the helpful rant!

Thankyou, now I just have to sort thru the good options everyone has offered.

Looks as if Hemlock sells the same product I ordered from based on measurements, price etc. will see if I can disengage with on one or perhaps both orders and just deal with Hemlock and/or Ed’s depending on some answers I get about measurements and seat drops now that i’ve been better educated. Thankyou!