Are there sealed mitts like sealed glove

The blue gloves look good. Is it worth it to find sealed mitts? Are there any? I have long arms and poor circulation.

Why not just get the nordic blues

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as shipped they will keep you warm. Even with a 200 weight liner and a polypro inner liner they'll do you OK and give you a better grip.

Dry means warm.

Nordic Blue used to make some heavyweight rubber mitts. Unfortunatly the material is so stiff that it takes quite some force to just hold the paddle. The mitts are perfect in camp though with thick wool mitts inside.

On water I use Dakine cold water mitts:

They are not perfect as the seams leak somewhat. But combining the mitts with a thin lightweight nylon poogie, the end result is pretty good.



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Thanks, to both that will likely do it. Doc
told me bad consequences if I chronically leave my hands that cold, so this is really valuable.

Do you all think it is important to have more circulation by using a ring method but could that mess the wrist seal up. Maybe can't have it all ways.

Hard to be the last to seal a ring.

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you really need somone ungloved to seal your last ring.

The owner of nordicblues advised against it for paddlers ( grat guy love to party with him). I trimmed my gaskets quite a bit, (not recommended), but I did it.

you should not have to impede circulation to stay dry. Those with potruding tendons will have a harder time.

If you want to save every last dollar and get a more custom fit with dry gloves get the atlas insulated blue gloves with removable liners ( #495 ) and make your own dry gloves by attaching gaskets. Then you can get multi ringed wrist gaskets or sized wrist gaskets from OS systems and get a better fit to your wrist) See the kokatat gasket installation instructions on their website.

By multi ringed wrist gaskets I meen the little rubber rings on the interior of the wrist gaskets.

Much thanks
Allot of good infromation there, saved me much trial and error.