Are these J-hooks OK to use on a trailer

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I want to mount these J-hooks to a vertical 2X4 on my trailer. Do you think they will be strong enough? The kayak is only 40 lbs.(20 lbs. on each bracket). If not, I'm looking for a good DIY method that I can mount to a vertical 2X4. Thanks.

They look like one step above
a bent coat hanger !

I wouldn’t use them.

Could be “penny wise and pound foolish” !

Jack L

Wall vs trailer
While they look perfectly acceptable for their intended use, keep in mind that there is a huge difference in a static garage wall and a trailer bouncing down the road at 60 MPH.

On the wall, all they need to do is hold a non-moving 40 pounds.

However, on a trailer, you have the added momentum/force of the kayaks bouncing every time you hit a bump in the road.

Besides the added stress of the kayak slamming back down, they don’t look like you’d be able to securely fasten the kayak in to them, which will add to the problem of them shifting and getting a “running start” on slamming back into place each time, either breaking off the brackets or damaging your kayak (likely both).

For a trailer, it pays to spend a bit more, do it right and have a solid platform to securely hold your kayak.

Suspenz may be stronger

Use strong bolts through the racks into the wood and use cam lock straps. As a safety precaution, I’d also tie the ends of the kayak to some other part of the trailer in case the J supports come loose.

Call the manufacturer
If you ask them about your intended installation, I bet they will tell you the product is being used inappropriately and puts you (and them) at risk of being sued in the event of a failure on the road.

There are so many options for carrying kayaks on a trailer you can find something safer for not a lot of $$.

Thanks guys.

only 1 vertical 2"x4"?
…and how many boats?

Have you given any thought to the capacity of the 2"x4" itself?