Are you going to the Boundary Waters this season?

Is anyone planning a canoe trip into the BWCA this season? Lots of people want to get out of doors, especially this “season” of Covid19.

Such memories!

In the 70s I was selling welding equipment and my biggest customer was a taconite mine just outside of Mountain Iron, MN. In the spring and fall when the black flies were not biting too bad, I would spend my weekends in the Boundary Waters with my dog I traveled with. It was a great couple of years, and I have such rich memories of my weekends there. I have always wanted to return.

No. Too much portaging. I went in 1985. Now I like big western rivers with no portages.

No. Its going to be mobbed again as it looks like Canadian canoeing will remain off limits

I’ll do something in the north woods -Sylvania, Bois Brule, who knows - but I think, because of the pent up demand from Covid, permits are going to be hard to get and a whole lot of very far advanced planning will be involved. Probably this will be true for anyplace requiring permitting - sections of the Green, Rio Grande, & Colorado, for example. If someone wants to do any permitted water this year, now may almost be too late to get on it. Hope I’m wrong, bet I’m not.

There is a facebook group for the BWCA and just judging from the posts there it sounds as if permits for many of the entry points are already sold out for the Summer.

When I lived in Minnesota in the 1980s it was usually possible to get a permit on very short notice. It might not be exactly the entry point you wanted but you could find something. I usually preferred going on to Quetico Provincial Park which took a little more doing in that permits were much less numerous. But as Kim pointed out, that is no longer an option at present.

To be honest, I’m not sure I would want to go under the present circumstances even if I could get a permit for exactly the entry point and time I wanted. I would probably spend the entire trip moaning about the good old days.

yup. I am planning a series of Maine canoe trips that last year weren’t happening because of no water. Hopeful this spring and early summer is wetter than last year. I’ll get my moose fix somehow

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I’m thinking about a solo trip down the Frost river in about a month. Sounds like a beautiful trip and one that many idolize.