Argosy or Phoenix Canoe

I’ve been paddling a Wenonah Argosy for 1/2 yr or so and like it very much. I’m now looking at a Northstar Phoenix. Does anyone have knowledge of the different nuances of these two?. I’m familiar with their respective specs. I primarily paddle small twisty rivers with navigational challenges. Thank you in advance.

Different hull cross sections
Argosy is fuller down low and tapers to gunwale width which makes waves ride up the sides and give that squirrelly effect

You can’t heel it far before it gets unstable

Phoenix is more predictable and stable in clap iris and when heeled

I can’t wait to get rid of my Argosy due to its behavior in whitewater

Mild water . But looking for Royalex which outs the Phoenix

I agree Kayamedic about the tricky whitewater characteristics of the Argosy. That low bulge (tumblehome) combined with virtually no rocker really loves to catch waves and flip you over in a second. I loved the boat for flat water but wanted something with a little more versatility in regards to class II WW so I got a Mohawk Odyssey. The Argosy had me swim twice in water that my Odyssey would completely laugh at. I really love my Odyssey!