Argosy owners

I sure would like some opinions on the Argosy from owners on how it performs on small rivers and creeks class I-II with flat water in between, typical Alabama water,compared to Yellowstone solo, Mohawks, etc. Thanks for any replies

Excellent performance IMHO
IMHO the Argosy is the ideal solo for the use you have in mind. I have paddled a Mohawk Challenger and Bell Yellowstone Solo only a short time each, but have paddled the Wenonah Argosy for better than 100 miles with myself at 195 pounds and 70 pounds camping gear. The Argosy is hands down the best performer of the three IMHO. It is quick to respond, holds a line through rapids very well, accelerates nicely, and is much faster on the flats. It seems a bit tippy at first, compared to the Mohawk, but is probably on par with the YS in initial stability and much, much better in secondary stability. Overall it’s a much more comfortable boat to paddle, and it’s lighter by several pounds than the YS. Mileage may vary, of course.

I did a fairly

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extensive test paddle with Wenonah Vagabond, Wenonah Argosy, and Bell Yellowstone Solo.

The Argosy and the Vagabond were faster than the Yellowstone when I went to a fast cruise mode. For just relaxed paddling they all seemed about the same. The Vagabond was slow to turn compared to the other two. The Yellowstone Solo turned just slightly faster than the Argosy. However, when I tried to turn the Yellowstone very quickly the stern would break loose and spin forward (good for fast turn). When this happened it made me feel like I was going to be thrown out of the canoe. The Argosy stern came around a little slower and I felt comfortable making the turns even heeled over. The seat in the Yellowstone was higher than the Argosy and the Yellowstone's initial stability was a lot more tender than the Argosy (when sitting). When kneeling the Argosy and Yellowstone felt fairly similar in their stability although I always felt just a little more comfortable heeling over in the Argosy than in the Yellowstone.

My friend and I both decided we liked the Argosy the best. If I had more experience with canoes (way they feel turning) or thought I was going to be doing more white-water I probably would have selected the Yellowstone. My first trip on moving water on the Llano River in the Argosy went very well. it was perfect for the mix of short rapid sections and longer flatwater sections. I did fine keeping up with most of the kayaks even when I single bladed and could keep up with all of them when I double-bladed. You can see some pictures at

I never got a chance to try one of the Mohawks, but I did really like the specs on the Odyssey. It looked like it might be kind of between the Yellowstone and Argosy.

Good luck on choosing. If you have any specific questions about the Argosy feel free to e-mail me.


It’s a great boat
What they said-

I got my Argosy last August- I love it.

As stated above, it’s quick, turns easily, tracks well at speed, fairly stable in easy rapids and waves. Fun to paddle.

Two minor complaints: The royalex seems to dent very easily, more so than my older tandem Wenonah Saranac. This may in part be a function of all the trees, stumps, logs and beaver dams I’ve dragged it over. The dents do not, however, show on the inside of the hull. The other complaint is the adjustable seat. It’s a great idea, but needs improvement. The seat tends to move out of the selected position at inopportune moments, and is nearly impossible to re-adjust while you’re in the boat. I’m sure there is a solution to this, but I’ve not found it just yet.

Overall, though, it’s a great boat.


Thanks for input
Sounds like its a toss up between YS solo and Argosy. Either way, I don’t think I can do wrong.Guess it comes down to the best deal. Just got back from a Mothers Day paddle down the Tallapoosa River, didn’t realize this section,above horseshoe bend, hooked West. Last nights front that blew in meant we paddled into the wind all 10 miles,one of the hardest ‘downriver’ paddles I’ve ever done. Seriously doubt the kids will come see us any time soon after todays adventure, Oh well. Thanks again.