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Just purchased a used Wenonah Argosy and submitted a review after taking it out for a paddle. Any other Argosy owners experience the pronounced oil-canning of the bottom of the hull. Anyone devise an idea how to stiffen the hull with some sort of support. Also any issues with the back thwart that wants to press against your lower back,…causing pretty uncomfortable pain. Otherwise I really like the boat,…almost as much as my Dagger Sojourn.

No experience with the Argosy but I’ve got a Wenonah Vagabond in Royalex that oil cans badly. Doesn’t seem to have any adverse affects and I just figure that’s the price I pay for a relatively lightweight Royalex boat. My one thought for firming things up would be a vertical support running up from the floor to one or both thwarts, just hope they’d be strong enough to absorb the impact if you hit something hard underwater.

I don’t know if the thwart is closer to the seat on the Argosy or not but it doesn’t bother on my Vagabond. The only time I notice is when I’m spending the entire day in the boat and start shifting around to find a new position that’s not tired yet. Then if I try sliding back in the seat it gets me.


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Bought an Argosy.......
I didn't care for I perceived to be a lack of manueverabilty with a load of gear.
Didn't care for stern thwart location either, but that is an easy fix.
I found their Vagabond to be a boring ride, but some people love that canoe, including my wife, and several paddling friends.

I much prefer my royalex Bell Wildfire, and Mad River Guide.

I still have my Dagger Sojourn too.



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I also bought an Argosy this year and yep oil cans alot, doesn't seem to matter at all, suspect it's more a matter of the Royalex than the builder.

If you sit on the seat in the middle of it, the thwart should miss you, does me. I stuff a stadium seat though between the thwart and the seat to act as a small backrest and this also pads the thwart.

I'm really enjoying this boat, lots of fun. Nice addition to a whole house full of kayaks.

Bill H.

What lay up?
I paddled an Argosy at Key Largo (once) and noticed no oil canning alt all. I was heavier then and would have noticed it with the bouncing in the waves and contortions I was trying. It was askin coat kevlar if I recall…

No oil canning in mine either
and its Royalex. I suspect that one year Wenonah speced out some pretty thin Royalex.

It does wonderful back ferries and I do like it for river tripping though its far from perfect. Most of my trips in it are 4-7 days.

I dont have that back banging issue. Never noticed. Mostly kneel.

You can move the seat or thwart depending on if you are currently trimmed property.