Argosy & Wildfire

Differences? Similarities? Any comments or experience with these? Both freestylers? Seem quite similar.

Rocker difference

– Last Updated: Feb-03-07 8:17 AM EST –

Wildfire has symmetrical rocker with 2.5" bow and stern. Argosy has differential rocker with 2.25" bow and 1" stern. The Argosy has a greater difference between bow and stern rocker than Bell has on their Merlin II or Yellowstone solo. I noticed significant difference between paddling the Wildfire with symmetrical rocker and the Argosy with it's differential rocker. I prefer symmetrical in moving water. I found the Argosy to have too much of a "sticky stern" for my taste with a 260 lb load, yet I like paddling the Merlin II or Yellowstone solo. You may have a different experience in Argosy with a lighter load. I suggest you paddle both the boats you've focused on before you buy.