Arizona paddling

The Mrs. and I will be going to Arizona within the next couple of days; a few days at the Grand Canyon and a few days in Phoenix.

We are moderately booked at the Canyon with a donkey ride down the Canyon and a raft (boat) trip.

We are fairly open in Phoenix.

Can anyone recommend a place that rents kayaks/canoes and an area to paddle?

Thanks in advance.

Black Canyon
Just downstream of the Hoover Dam. Absolutely stunning.

I think there’s a place in Vegas that rents canoes and kayaks.

Otherwise I think there’s a place called Desert River Outfitters, something like that, in AZ right across from Laughlin, NV.


No Help with Rentals
Arizona is a desert and paddling options are fairly limited.

Near Phoenix there are some small lakes, not worth the bother.

There is paddling on the Salt and Verde Rivers, sometimes on the Gila river this time of year. Best paddling is on the Colorado River -google for paddling the lower Colorado, topknot gorge, Walters Camp, Fishers Landing, there are several put ins and businesses that will ferry your car/boat, but I don’t know if they rent boats.

PHX area options

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The Lower Salt River is usually very good. It's an easy 12-15 mile run. You can rent SOT kayaks at the Saguaro Lake Ranch Resort, which is right on the river. Google them. Canyon Lake is east of Phoenix and quite beautiful if you follow the gorge "upstream". Check with the Desert Paddlers Yahoo group for more.

Thank you all for the tips. We may
try some of the options in the PHX area.

Southwest paddlers

do post photos, bruce

Take me, take me, take me, take me, take
me, take me, take metake metake metake metake me…Well, you get the idea

I can’t take you- we returned over one
week ago. Anyway, I’m not sure you, me and the Mrs. would fit in the little beds at the cabins in the Grand Canyon.

We did no paddling but took a smooth water raft ride on the Colorado beginning at Glen Canyon Dam.

We hiked the Bright Angel Trail (part of the way) and it was a bit icy.

We took a mule ride. A mule has 63 chromosomes, a donkey has 64 and a horse has 62. A mule, I believe, is a mix between a mare and a male donkey.

In Phoenix we climbed Camelback.

The Desert Botanic Gardens were magnificent.

The Scottsdale shopping area looks very depressed due to the recession.

CD- I’ll e-mail you the pics when I upload them. I don’t want to post them here since they are not paddling related.