Arkansas Bachelor Trip

So thinking about doing a paddling trip for my buddies bachelor party. Would be 5-8 guys with varying experience. We’re in Dallas, so are primarily looking at Arkansas as a destination since it’d be a reasonable driving distance. Thinking 1-2 nights on a river and 2-3 nights as a whole trip.

Looking through all the online resources, I’m finding a ton of stuff in AR, but am having a hard time gauging what would make for the best trip. Would even be open to combining the river trip with something else like hiking, rock climbing, caving, etc. I’m just not seeing a lot of places that rate each river. Needs to be a memorable trip. Any suggestions would be great.

tx rivers
There are so many great rivers in Texas. Why go to Arkansas. Plus you can combine them with a night in Austin or San Antonio. Just a thought.

Ryan L.

Buffalo river arkansas has hiking rock climbing and caving.

I agree…
with the Buffalo. Very nice river with nice hiking,climbing,caves and waterfalls. It also has tons of great sandbrs for overnight camping. It is my favorite place in all of the ozarks.

Man, you have great rivers in Texas, and I would jump at the chance to do the Rio Grande; even over an AR river. If I only were not so far away (WI). That said, the Buffalo IS pretty nice.