Arluk 4 v. Looksha 4?

Can someone tell me the difference between these 2 boats? A comparison/contrast? I’m asking for a friend and I can’t find much in the way of information on them. I know this is a pretty open-ended question, but anything you have to offer would be appreciated.

As I recall…
The Arluk 4 was 16’ x 23" while the Looksha is 17’ x 22"

Arluk reputed to be less forgiving
I haven’t paddled one myself so can’t vouch for this from experience, but I’ve encountered a number of opinions that the Arluk 4 is pretty unforgiving. Most people feel the Looksha IV is relatively kind to a new paddler, tho’ it weathercocks a good bit and does want that rudder.

Celia -
Are you sure you aren’t referring to the Arluk 2 (18’ x 22") as less forgiving? That was my perception, having owned both. The Arluk 4 doesn’t seem so to me, but maybe that’s just me…

She must be
Arluk IV is very forgiving…even more so than the Looksha IV which some even find a bit tender. Looksha IV was a far more successful boat commercially for whatever that may mean. “better marketing story” maybe? Both all round OK kayaks equipped with rudders and functional outfitting. L14 is somewhat of a PNW classic.

You guys are right -it’s the other
I ran into the local Arluk owner today that has one and has decent time trying the other - another local paddler who is a friend of his - and it’s the 2 that is dicier.

Of course, in the interests of full disclosure I should mention that both he and his wife are seriously contemplating getting those elfin pointy-ended boats. Last late fall we were talking about trying to meet them when things were liquid again so they could try out some of ours.

They’ll have to if
they paddle in a group that has pointy end elfin kayaks!!! Can’t show up to a Harley event in a Honda now can ya?