Armorall on Poly?

Any reason not to use Armorall on a poly boat? It works well on the dashboard and exterior plastic on my car and I already have 2 big bottles of the stuff in the garage. Just wanted to check if anyone had a bad experience with it before I test it.

Armorall Bad, Bad, Bad. 303 Good.
This topic has been taked to death a dozen times over. Do not use Armorall on anything that you care about.

I even tested it for government use years ago. We rejected it.

Look in the archives for detailed discussions.

Take the advice or not.



The best use for it …

… is to kill your weeds.

The Armor All Co. said it is not recommended for plastic boats…

Point Taken
That’s all I needed to hear. Still works great on the car though, been using it for years with no problem.

I am using it just to show you guys
that you are nuts. The idea that Armorall could harm polyethelene or the vinyl on ABS boats is just hilarious. If you say differently, put up some hard data, not just vague references.

We used it for a long time
(eight or nine years) on our poly boats and it seemed to do just fine.

We switched to 303 (like the rest of the sheep) when everyone said that 303 was better and that seems to do just fine.

Who knows ???



Throw the Armorall in the trash
It’s bad for the materials in/on your car, as well as your boat. It’s junk. Get rid of it.

Been done carrier solvents
have been discussed and lots of folks with wide experience have posted.

IN the land of the free, pay your money and take your choice.

Oh then there is the pollution. Why pollute (VOC’s and more) when you dont need to?

Armorall on everything
I use Armorall on everything in kayaking except drysuit seals.

They now advertise it has UV filters in it. I use it on my VCP hatches, Kajak Sport hatches, over the varnish on my strippers to renew them before a gathering. On my foot pegs and on the floor of the cockpit so I slide in easier. And on my car. Nothing has blown up or deteriorated. I would not hesitate to use it on a plastic boat - matter of fact, that would be my choice.

303 is an overpriced rip off. I’m sure it’s best for latex seals but it’s massively over priced. Silicone and water?

Looks good at first
Dries up the vinyl later on. I used to use it, too.

303 doesn’t dry up dashes or plastic. It’s more expensive, but replacing a dash is even more expensive.

Perhaps you simply don’t have as much UV in your region. I live in a very high UV-exposure environment (drive at altitudes between 5000 and 14000 ft, live at 7350 ft). 300 days of sunshine per year, average.

Armorall is Amoral

I owned a 15+ yr old beat up to hell ex-rental kayak that sat in the sun most of its life and i am sure hasn’t seen any 303 or armor all and the plastic was just fine.

There’s no point using anything on plastic unless you store it in the sun for long periods of time between paddles(and it doesnt rain).In that case only 303 may be good. 303 is aparently good for rubber stuff but for plastic its pretty pointless and bad for enviroment as it washes off in the water,Armor all washes off even faster. spare the enviroment.

All Armor All is not the same
It has been reformulated several times. Older formulations were bad. If you have a bottle that has been around a while, throw it out. A new bottle? Probably ok for a plastic boat but as was mentioned above, why? Just throw a tarp over the boat if you store it outside.

Hot and Dry in Texas
I have a 1996 Dodge (Yes, everyone in Texas drives a pick-up) it’s parked in the sun most of the day. I’ve used Armorall on the dash and all the black plastic around the bumpers and tail lights about once a year with no ill effects. I did a search on this topic and found lots of warnings not to use Armorall on anything. Also found complaints about 303 being greasy and washing right off in the water. Some people aren’t happy with either product. I’m not about to throw it away but won’t put it on my kayak either. What I will do is store all boats locked up and out of the sun. Thanks for the reply, MD

I don’t give a damn about your
wide experience. Give me some data or push off.

You don’t know what you are talking
about either. If you apply 303 according to directions, it will not “wash off.” I thank God I was educated at MIT.

This is true. It is clear from my
experience with recent formulation Armorall that it is not using the “petroleum” solvents used in the early formulations.

Good to know…

…but still won’t use it.

In the 80’s I used it religiously on my dash and it cracked anyway.

UV Tech
I use McNett UV Tech on my canoes, kayaks and other items that benefit from UV protection.

Did I miss something, didn’t see
dealer locations or a way to buy the stuff on-line, nor pricing.