Army surplus dry bag question.

I figured I would ask this question here as it relates to Camping Equipment, rather than boat equipment.

I have an Army issue “Dry Bag”. It is labeled as a “Bag, Waterproof, Clothing” and is about 30 inches long and 24 inches wide. I would like to use it to carry supplies in my kayak but for the life of me I can not figure out how to close it so it is water resistant. The bag is made of nylon with a latex (I think) liner and has the following for closing the bag.

One side the bag has drawstring attached in the center about 4 inches down from the open top, and on the other side directly opposite the attached draw string is three loops spaced from top of the bag about 3 inches down from the open top to the first, and then 2 inches to the next and 2 inches to the last.

There is not enough material to roll the top down and tie the string to the loops and gathering the material of the bag up and tying the string to the loops or through the loops doesn’t appear to be a very effective way to seal it.

Is anyone familiar with this type bag that might have a clue how to seal the top or should I just make it a large litter bag for the pickup and buy a new commercial bag?


dry bag
twist the top, fold over, and tie with the strap. kinda, sorta, a dry bag. wouldn’t trust em with something that i couldn’t get damp. -harry

I have a couple

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They are not "true" drybags. They will do for splash, but not so good in a dunking.

A couple of mine actually have directions printed on them. You fold the top, (not twist) like an accordion, interlocking the folds. Sides in thirds overlapping each other, then fold those, and again if possible.

What you have now is a long interfolded neck. Simply fold that over and secure with the drawstring. There is realy no "draw" in this string. It is just wrapped around the top and ties.

Check your bag. If it is surplus it may have several pinholes. Use Seamseal to fix them.

Thanks all –
I think I will take my own advice and relegate this bag to the truck. I noticed in the Spring Creek catalog some nice bags that have a clear panel in them that were reasonably priced.