Around Lake Superior?

Has anyone ever kayaked all the way around Lake Superior in one season? I have seen it where people have done it over the coarse of a couple of years.

I have heard of a few who have done it. It takes a few months. It’s my goal someday too…

okay… lets plan it!

SIgn me up. When are we going?


McGuffin’s have done it, I think
I thought I rememered a book by the McGuffin’s (Joanie and … her husband’s name escapes me but he is not as good looking as she is). One of the two is a high end photographer. I believe they took this trip with their young children. They used a custom wooden canoe built specifically for the trip. Might want to google some of this and see what pops up.

Yup, them
Here’s a link. Oh… his name is Gary.

Yes I know two
amazing, very strong women that have done it. One of them has done it twice. You really have to start in mid may.

the Mcguffin’s didn’t go all the way
around, but very close on that trip. I think they did circumnavigate the lake on another occassion.

How about straight across?
Is that possible.

I have done about two hundred miles of the Superior coast in Ontario.

Would do more if I had lots of time off.

We planned on a hundred miles a week.

You have to plan on weather preventing travel one in four days.

Mid June to Mid August is best as the water is “tamest” then.

Now the math is yours

Paddle fast

yes circum and straight across
There is a couple guys who circum’d it this summer in about 27 days. They have info and photos that you can view but you need to access them via ONCE there go to the Discussion Page at the bottom, click on it- them scroll to find the guys message about his circum trip

Straight across??? Yes a guy kayaked ALL the great lakes via the widest spot a few years back, do a google serch and find his articles, very good to read. Steve Landicks paddled across from Suprior at from thunder bay canada to marqette straight across too.