Arrowhead campground NC.

Me and my fishing buddy fishing away from the boat ramp at arrowhead campground in the Uwharies in NC. We got there around 4:00 pm and fished until 1:00am. At 11:00pm there wasn’t many people on the cove,up to this point we had caught a lot of fish and began to get lazy. Not a lot of sound except crickets and the water smooth as a mirror. I laid back on my Kayak and relaxed looking at the stary sky my leg in the water like bath water. Maybe an occasional fish jumping, you could see distant campfires beginning to die from the lack of attention. Back at the ramp My buddies truck failed to start so we waited for another fisherman to come in witch wasn’t too long got a jump and off we went. We got home around 2:30am and as I think back on it I can’t wait til next week.

That sounds like a near perfect evening.

Good for the soul
Big D it was great, fore a little while life stood still. Every once in a while a person should take the time to look up and see Gods handy work in the night sky. It was great to have a few moments out of this dog eat dog world and just be at peace and be still. We are only here for a little while so enjoy.

No fish
I was just there fishing last Sat. and there were a lot of fish on the finder but they didn’t like anything I had. I don’t know if it was the time of day or the bait or what but it just didn’t produce any fish I guess that’s fishing!!

It’s like that sometimes
Air pressure, weather fronts, sunlight angle, water clarity, blah-blah-blah. We fishermen excel at excuses for no fish as much as we do bragging at our great skill when there’s plenty of them.

  • Big D