Art Kleiner "Rob Roy"

I have the opportunity to buy the subject boat used. Is anyone familiar with this boat’s performance? Can it be converted so that it can be paddled in the canoeing kneeling position? It’s length is listed at 12’ and width 27". I don’t have any other specs on it. I’m looking to use it on flat water for cruising/freestyle. It’s a beautiful wood boat, but I’m a little concerned that it wouldn’t be that much fun to paddle. I’m looking for a boat that would perform similar to a Bell Wildfire. Thank you all for you earlier comments regarding my Wildfire questions.

You are heading off in another direction
While the 12’ Cedar strip Rob Roy may be fun to paddle it’s a sit on the floor decked canoe. Beautiful to look at and what I consider high maintenance compared to a composite canoe.

Just from what you have ask so far I think the composite Wildfire is the boat you may be looking for. But what skill level do you consider yourself to be? I think it would be a long time before you became bord or discontent with one. But make sure you try one out and check the fit and feel…that goes for any canoe you think you want. Are you looking for your first canoe?

Rob Roy is a sweet solo canoe
They are often decked and you often do sit on the floor. I elevated the seat 3". I just parted with one as I need to sit/kneel do to circulatory problems. I built the “bearmountainboats”, Rob Roy stretched to 14’ for greater capacity. It was agile and did very nicely with a double-bladed paddle.

Thanks NT
I’d consider myself an intermediate paddler. I have an Adirondack (Royalex) which I both solo and tandem on a nearby class II river. It is just too sluggish when paddled solo on flat water. I just thought the Al Kleiner might work if I could easily convert the seating arrangement. Whatever boat I end up getting, it will be used primarily on flat water.

Need to Kneel
I think you answered my question. Just like you I need to kneel while paddling. I’m fiquring you would have kept the boat if the seating could have been easily converted. Thanks for the info.

The Rob Roy types…
…are “sit on your butt and waddle around with a twofer” style boats. As solo canoes go they’re sort of the opposite of a freestyle canoe. I don’t think it’s what you’re looking for. Freestyle is about moving around in your canoe while you kneel & heel. It can be done in a variety of different canoes, but the Bell Fire boats are pretty much the freestyle canoes of choice and as has been mentioned the Mohawk Solo 13-14s are a darn good bang for the buck.

For exceptable stability you need to
sit low in the Rob Roy. I am still looking for a light-strong, fast -stable, agile- good tracking tandem- solo canoe. So far I have built 4 strippers and still at it.