Arthritis Paddling Technique

My wife has arthritis in her hands so paddling is painful for her after a while. She’s started using the paddles using a palm-up method to paddle in our tandem 13 ft Pamlico kayak. Instead of the traditional palm down method of holding the paddle, she decided to try something new and turned her hands upside down. Now, she can paddle without pain and help us when we get into windy conditions.


How wonderful that her creative thinking allows her to happily paddle!

Kudos for thinking outside the box!

Qruiser was having some problems and turned to the ACA web site. She found some Handicap wrist braces that allowed her to paddle with a weak grip. ACA has an assisted paddle section.

Recovered as strong as ever.

I’ll look but what does ACA stand for? I looked at the Affordable… site but could not find an “assisted paddle section”


American Canoe Association:

Hard to find in most areas of the country, but Greenland style kayak paddles are easier on the joints, tend to be lighter weight than conventional paddles and have less resistance to the wind and water. I switched years ago, as have many older (and younger) kayakers on these forums. Photo of me using one of them: