Artic Tern Owners

I’d like to get an idea of what the average weight and height of we Tern owners is.

I’m guessing that my 230# is well above the average (and,along with my long torso, may be playing a bit o havoc with the boats handling)

Artic Tern HV
Wha Ho, Pilgrim;

5’9" and +/- 200 lbs.

Fat Elmo

What kind of havoc
are you experiencing?

Arctic Tern Std.

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I'm 5'11" and 175. If anything I feel a little light for the boat. I found myself very loose in the large cockpit and by adding a Redfish seat and some side thigh braces it made all the difference in the world for edging.

Tern 14
My playboat is a Tern 14. I’m 5’11" and 185 pounds. Size 9 1/2 foot. Seat was copied from Bnystrom’s webshots ala Anas Acuta (

It’s a snug fit but the right answer for how I use this boat.

Arctic Tern 14’s
and my husband and I are 5’6" 140 and 5’4" 125, respectively. The Terns are outfitted with carved minicell seats, back bands, and thigh braces to fit us.

Could your handling problem be related to outfitting?

Arctic Tern Hi here.
Arctic Tern Hi here. I am 6’2", 245lbs, size 12 feet. I never paddled it with the provided seat, I had time to carve a foam seat and side bracing before I had time to do the initial launch. I don’t seem to have any stability problems. Yeah, it tips easier than my Perception America 13.5 does, but certainly within reason. I have not had an accidental tipover in my Tern (yet, lol).

flip floppy?
1. Gotta have thigh braces installed

2. gotta have comfy carved seat for good hip control

I’m 6’2", 220lbs
I built an Arctic Tern (not HV) I think the boat is very stable and handles extremely well. In fact, I’m sure it could hold a lot more weight. I’m not sure what kind of “havoc” you’re experiencing but I absolutely do not believe your weight is an issue here. What type of seat do you use and what is the height? If the seat is raised even 1" off the hull then it will affect the CG of the boat and thus the stability. Perhaps you could be more specific in what you’re experiencing.

my two cents is that 230lbs is perfect for these big boats,the issue with the Tern is that it’s meant to be leaned,it’s not a flat sitter like the Coho or Golden Eye.

ditto, ditto
The edges of hardchine boat are meant to be used very similar to turning a snow ski. If the outfitting is not correct it would be like wearing ski boots four sizes too large…

Well put LeeG and Grayhawk!