Ascend DC156 Canoe

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we’re looking to buy our first canoe since having access to one on vacation in maine the past two years. it was probably an Old Town Discovery. we may at some point come across some small rapids, but mostly we plan to use it in lakes and calm river areas.

in trying to save a bit of money, i came across the Ascend DC156 sold through bass pro shops: . $700.

first off does anyone own one of these? how are they?

we like the 15’6” length. the cooler (how many cans will it hold?) and “storage compartment” (where is this and how big?) are definitely assets.

we also like the idea that it has 360degree swivel seats. we were specifically looking for that up in the front seat, and the old town canoes don’t even seem to offer these, at least in our price range. are these swivel seats pretty sturdy?

Have not seen it BUT…
did you see the weight!!! Hope you plan to trailer it! Seriously, that is a real consideration.

This is a big box specific brand and nothing that rates above a D. The cooler is built into the center seat and can be used as a fish well. The storage compartment is next to the cooler and is accessed thru a round screw type hatch cover. Good for keeping your car keys and wallet dry.The seats are sturdy. That’s all the good stuff.

Now, this thing weighs over 100# !!! I have a four person 23 Foot canoe that weighs 64# and its a load to solo carry. Thankfully you cant carry the DC156 alone. The fixed cooler seat is right where a carry yoke should go. And if you fill that cooler with all the cans and ice it will hold, the canoe will weigh closer to 175#. The seats are sturdy and will swivel 360 degrees, but you cant sit at all those angles. mostly just 45 degrees left and right of straight ahead and 45 degrees left and right of full astern. Sideways won’t work since your legs will be splayed and back underneath you. The seats are almost the full width of the hull and the sides of the hull slope towards the bottom limiting foot room severely. Raised to the fishing position, the seats will raise your center of gravity and make the canoe a big bit of unstable. Rapids in this thing?? NO WAY!

And that’s as kind as I can be about this canoe.

Tell us where you live and there are some really good canoes on the classified listings of this site.


Less made for paddlers than for boaters
The cooler is built-in as a way of stiffening the plastic floor. It’s probably no better as a cooler than the cheapest plastic ones you can already buy for next to nothing, so its presence is not really a selling point.

Plaid paddler suggested that this boat will be unstable with the seats raised, but it’s about the same width as my 12’ Jon boat and a person can practically dance around in that thing, so I think it’ll actually be fine with the seats raised, but that’s as far as my praise goes.

It would be horrible for paddling much of any distance, but okay as a small motorboat, and maybe that’s what you have in mind. I grew up fishing in motorboats which were that size or smaller and all was well, but I must say all of them weighed less than that thing does. But plastic is the new thing in small, cheap boats, so weights that us “old guys” find unthinkable based on what we grew up with are the new normal among lower-priced options, unless you consider the used market too.


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All versions of the 17-foot double-ender are rated for a 660-pound maximum weight capacity of persons and a maximum total capacity (persons and gear) of 755 pounds.


In both standard-keel and shallow-draft configuration, the beam measures 36 and 1/8 inches at its widest span, and the canoe's center depth is 13 and 1/8 inches. Weight of the standard-keel version is 66 pounds with .040-inch hull thickness and 75 pounds with a .050-inch hull. The shallow-draft version weighs 81 pounds.

Motor Options

With the optional side-mount motor bracket, the 17-foot double-ender may be fitted with an electric trolling or gasoline-powered outboard motor up to a maximum of 5 horsepower.

If I were looking for a fishing boat
that would be fine. One that a couple of my young neighbors could install after they put the dock in. It would live in the water on one lake all summer and be essentially the cocktail and visiting with neighbors on the lake barge.

Its not a canoe. Canoes can be carried more easily.

That center seat/cooler is a big detriment for carries over 50 feet and makes car topping a real hassle. Part of the appeal of canoeing is the portability

Look here for used. The Discos are popular as they are reasonable. Also check out Craigslist.

stability jonboat vs canoe
Your 12’ johnboat carries its 42" width along its whole 12’ length. A canoe only carries its 42"beam for a few inches and then tapers to the ends. Not nearly as much surface area in the water. Where the paddlers sit the canoe is not nearly 42" wide. Big difference in stability.


is the Assend factory is owned by Walmart