Ascend Kayaks??

Hi, we have rented kayaks a couple times this year and really enjoy it. So the wife and I are starting to look at getting kayaks for the whole family (a 10 year old boy and a 13 year old girl). We have been around to the local shops feeling and touching what feels like 20 different models/brands. Recently we have found Bass Pro’s Ascend kayaks, the D10 ($399)(for the wife and I) and the A10 ($299)(for the kids). I see some reviews on You tube and amazon, but I’m not seeing anything on any forum or anywhere within I know that the A10’s are pretty much sold out now from bass pro and really can’t find any anywhere… I guess my question is how are they? How do they perform? Any ideas on part availability? Or is there better out there for the price range? Recommendations? Thank you in advance!

Found some reviews.
Sorry, found some reviews, but still would like to hear what you guys think?


not really “kayaks"
The Ascend D10 is a boat, but hardly a kayak. It’s a terribly heavy (62lbs!) short, wide barge (10’ x 34”). Yes, it floats but “performance” is not a word i would associate with it. If all you want to do is sit and fish and are willing to deal with the weight, go ahead and buy it. Note that even the buyers who gave these “good” ratings called them “plodding tubs” and “barges”. Honestly, Bass Pro has not one boat that I would care to paddle. They are not kayak outfitters.

If you want to enjoy kayaking, buy a proper kayak, not one of these plastic fishing docks. If your budget is absolutely limited, either look for a decent used rec style or light touring boat, or, if you MUST buy new, look at some of the Perception Sport models like the Conduit 13. A 12’ or longer kayak that is 26" or less in width will be lighter, faster and more pleasant to use.

Actually, to really give you more useful advice we would need more information, like your respective sizes (height and approximate weight) and what sorts of waters you planned to paddle.

More information
Thank you for the information… Ya, I should have given more details, sorry about that. I’m a big boy, 6 foot 280, my wife is 5’3 135 lbs, daughter is 5’6 about 130 and by boy is 5 foot, about 90 lbs. We really enjoy river floating, and some mild flat lake cruising. We have rented 3 times this year and each time it has been on a rather slow moving river, nothing big. One thing that the wife and kids really like is the seats in the Ascends and once they sat in them, they were sold. I’m trying to get them to look at other features/models.

Thanks in advance.

pool toys…
should only be used in pools.

Bass Pro Shops are the makers of the Ascend kayaks. Same company who makes the boats they sell makes the kayaks.

Expect more piling on
(including from me LOL). Those BP boats are junk and you can do better for not much more money. Where are you?

The advice given so far is good and although I am not familiar with the pool t … I mean boats you mentioned, you will not be sorry if you invest the extra money and get kayaks that will do a lot more than just get you on the water. If kayaking is really that appealing to you, why not make it real. You might get lucky and find some used boats, but even there you will most likely have to spend considerably more than what you were thinking, but you might also end up with paddles and pfds thrown in on the deals.

Your first task is to do some more looking and finding out what constitutes kayaks that are suitable for getting you started. And while you’re at it, do some looking at proper paddles and pfds.

Looked for others
Hi I’m in Grand Rapids Michigan… Went and looked at some wilderness system Aspire 105 Kayaks during lunch today… Boy what a difference from what I was looking at… then again, it’s about $250 more per kayak, but I can see what your talking about. The seat is really adjustable and comfortable as well as a skeg system to keep things going straight.

You guys like Wilderness System’s Kayaks? Not seeing much for other dealers in the area… I will have to have a look at craigslist as well.

Thanks for the information.

Earths Edge in Grand Haven
I started kayaking when I lived in Grand Rapids in 2002. Have you checked out Earths Edge in Grand Haven? They have an on-the-water kayak demo day on August 26, I believe. I recall they had a nice shop and were a good outfitter with some quality boats.

I would strongly advise you to take the opportunity to try some different models. Many cheapo kayaks have seats that seem great for 2 minutes in the store but end up being miserable for 2 hours out on the water. Wilderness Systems makes good quality boats with high resale value (if you bought Bass Pro boats and did not like them you would be lucky to get a third of the price back for them. But a WS kayak can usually be sold for 75% of its new value if it is in nice shape.)

There is a Perception Acadia for sale in Ludington that would be a good choice for your son - just his size and it comes with a paddle for $275. There is a Wilderness Tsunami 125 for sale in Muskegon for $650 that could possibily fit you (the models ending in 5 with them are higher volume boats for larger paddlers). Kayaks need to be sized to the paddler, so your wife and daughter would need something between those two extremes.