Ash Gunwales to MR Exp. TT?

I was thinking about picking up a MR Explorer 16 TT, but I have to say, I find the vinyl gunwales to be unappealing. So I was wondering whether anyone here has tried replacing the vinyl with ash (or otherwise) gunwales and decks. If I wanted to attempt this, am I going to run into problems with the “triple tough?” I mean, will a wood gunwale be too stiff, and pull out of the polythylene? That is my main concern. So if anybody has any thoughts, opinions, or experience, please share. Thanks.

Sounds like a fun project

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and hi folks. Been working long hours and haven't been here much.
As usual you are getting a mixture of responses to your question. Mike is always a good source of info.
I'd say go for it and have fun. You can carefuly drill out the rivets on the vinyl gunnels and re-use them later should you change your mind. If you ever do, make sure they and the boat have been in the same ambient temperature for awhile. Plastics shrink and expand too.
Regarding the edges, consider using this opportunity to invest in a good Stanley hand plane as well. Learning how to sharpen and maintain a sharp edge on an iron is a fine thing. Avoid power tools like routers (sorry Mike!) for rounding the edges. Take your time, read up on it, practice and then lovingly plane them down and sand them prior to installation. Watco or good old plain boiled linseed oil for a beautiful finish that is easy to maintain twice a year... Right on with the stainless screws. #6 or #8 of the appropriate length with stainless finish washers (personal preference over counter-sunk) on the innales and one or two #8 counter-sunk from the outside at both stems to hold the ends...
Have fun!