Asheville N.C. Trip

Headin’ to Asheville NC 9/14; need advice on best class 1-3 floats W/I 3o mi’s; comin’ from Il.,so the web wasn’t much help- TMI; I’m drivin’ a 10’ Aquaglide inflatable, my buddy a 12’ Maxxon; our other guy is a novice; don’t know what he’ll ride, maybe an “altered” O.T. Vapor 10’; need to start easy for the newby and build up from there; any/all solid advice is appreciated. Thanx, Mike

The Nantahala river
It is a blast

jack L

Join AW and use their national river

In that area there’s also the Little Tennessee, the Tuckaseigee, which may or may not have water.

Check these sites out

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If you want something close to Asheville that is likely to be flowing in late summer the French Broad and the Green River might work.

The French Broad flows through Asheville and has a big watershed so it usually has enough flow to paddle throughout the year. It can easily become too high any time of year, however. So-called section 9 of the French Broad (between Barnard and Hot Springs, NC) is not appropriate for a novice but there are multiple sections between Asheville and Barnard that offer Class I and II paddling opportunities. These are sections 6, 7, and 8. There is one Class III on section 6, and there are dams to portage on sections 7 and 8 so it would be best to hook up with someone who knows the river if you want to do this.

You can find some information on section 6 of the FB on the American Whitewater site but unfortunately, sections 7 and 8 are not described:

You can also paddle the French Broad through the Biltmore Estate:

The Green River is a dam release river south of the Asheville area. It has a nice Class II section that is appropriate for beginners (the lower Green) and it often has releases for power generation throughout the week. The lower Green is not to be confused with the Green River narrows upstream, which is Class IV-V and would kill you. The lower Green is about one hour driving time from downtown Asheville, however. You can find some info on the lower Green on the American Whitewater site:

If you plan to go to the lower Green, check to be sure there is going to be a release that day and don't arrive too much before the water gets to the put in. You can check levels and releases here:

That last web page is from the Asheville area Boating Beta site which you might find to be a useful resource. You can check the status of all Class I-III runs in the western NC/eastern TN area on this page:

The Nantahala, which Jack mentioned, is a dam release river that is certainly a possibility but it is a good 1 1/2 hour drive from the Asheville area to the put in. The Nantahala is pretty benign, but it can be a bit pushy, and the water a bit cold for novices. There is a Class II+ rapid at the start, and a Class III at the end which are easily avoided. Everyone paddling the Nantahala must also buy either a $1 day pass or $5 calender year pass:

The Tuckasegee Gorge near Dillsboro would be a little closer, and a little warmer, and is a good Class II run at normal levels:

The Little Tennessee is also a possibility if it has enough water, and if you can find Needmore Road. It is between the Tuck and the Nantahala:

Just think twice before running the Tuck
from Whittier to Bryson City. There’s a surprise broken ledge in there that will put deep wrinkles in your Royalex. Few have bothered to go see it. It is just above the junction with the Oconaluftee.

Or, he could float with the tubers on Deep Creek.

Thanx, Pblank
sorry you’re retiring; but glad you’re there to provide counsel & wisdom; I’m an oldster,too, but gotta stay wet jus’ a little bit longer; oh, 3rd guy on the trip, the newby, is from Bloomington, In.

Start off easy
French Broad float through town, Bent Creek or Hominy Creek. Its flat and easy but you can get a beer at The Wedge and take-out at The Bywater Bar.

The Ledges are a whitewater park (all natural - its really just a picnic area on the side of the river). Its class 2 park and play.

Lower Green is an iconic class 1-2 southeastern run.Plenty of shuttle options and tubers.

Section 9 might be more than you want to get into - it should still be low water though. If you decide on Section 9 take out at Stackhouse.

The Tuck is a nice step up from there.

I live in Brevard, I would be happy to help with local info you want.

Yeah , the FB town run is very scenic
and occasionally provides a moment of excitement.

thanx, Lance; passed info off to my buddies; may take you up on the local assist offer

Recon. on Sun.
Hey, Lance- we’re gettin’ in on Sun.9/14; will want to do some recon.; suggestions?; any local “human beings”(non- electronic)we can talk with?; thanx for the “solids”

you need to be focused
On your brewery visits.

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