Assateague Island

Hi all:

I’m planning a 4-day ocean side trip along Assateague Island the end of June. I was down there last September but because of a hurricane the week previous and a passing tropical storm out in the Atlantic the conditions that I saw I think were an anaomaly. (Big waves, very strong rip currents, etc. etc.)

Our plan is to head out from the ranger station and paddle down to the first ocean side camp site, spending the majority of day 1 playing in the surf. Day 2 we plan on heading down to the second camp site and doing the same. Day 3 return to the first camp site and day 4 back to the ranger station.

I know this might be an open ended question but what are typical surf conditions for Assateague - I’ve been in surf from Newport RI to Key West and for the East Coast typical (to me) would be 2-4 foot, anything over usually indicates some additional weather factor somewhere. I’ve been in some pretty big stuff (8-10 footers) but I have a novice or two joining us and I want to be able to gauge things for safety concerns.

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