Astral Buoyancy "V-Eight" opinions?

Looking for something I won’t cook in while canoeing.

In summer I wear long sleeved wicking
shirts, as lightweight as possible, under my PFD. If I get too warm, I dip my arms in the water, or even slosh water over my PFD.

Haven’t looked at the Astral to which you refer, but any low profile PFD will be fairly cool.

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Stohlquist A-Sea

Have one and am fond of it. Really like the buckle system. And the diagonal straps really limit ride-up.


I wore my new Astral V-8 for 2 days in

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Florida and really enjoyed it;very comfortable.Haven't given it the heat test yet.
I assume , since it is a Type III PFD, that the floatation is fine.

I’ve had mine for one season now. Like it a lot. It is definitely much cooler and lighter than my other pfds, and on warm days I’m much more inclined to be wearing it. However it still has the warmth of a vest when you want it wearing it in cool weather. And it doesn’t prevent me from getting sweated up on workout or distance paddling unless the temperature is less than 60F. But I have failed to give it an out of boat test yet, which is the most important test to give a pfd.

Love it, love it, love it
It’s like not wearing a PFD at all, even on hot sticky days. Other than the really lousy pockets, it’s a great vest (i wrote the initial review on it, BTW).