Astral shoe for Dry Suit

Does anybody have any experience with the Astral Hiyak shoe? The shoe only comes in full sizes, not half size options. I usually wear 9.5 and when I purchased the Loyal, the non high-top version I had to get the size 9 as recommended by Astral but I am wondering if anybody has any experience with the Hiyak and dry suits. Is one full size bid enough with these model and a dry suit?

Call them
I know I went up a full size with my NRS Boundary Shoes because I wear a wool sock under my dry suit booty’s.

Am pretty sure Marshall
of can answer your question as he sells Astral shoes and Kokatat dry gear.

As he noted earlier here, he’s en route to a WaterTribe challenge in North Carolina, so it might be a few days before you can make contact.

With a different shoe brand, …

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... I need a full size larger when worn over the feet of my dry suit, with light wool socks inside (with those same socks but no dry suit, I wear my normal boot size). I wouldn't think the brand of shoe would matter as much as the degree of adjustment in shoe size.

Still away
I’m not back at the Showroom yet but I would try the 9 without the sole insert and the 10. I could always ship you both tk try on and send back whichever doesn’t fit. The shoe is great. Wonderfully supportive around the ankles. Super sticky some with less aggressive of tread compared tk the Rasslers. I found that I have a high arch which makes me take out the insert for enough space height wise inside the shoe for the top of my foot. I replaced the insert with a thin plastic sole insert I made out of a no trespassing sign.

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