Astral Temp 300 pfd

any of you have this jacket? is it all it’s cracked up to be? i’ve looked one over in the store, but can’t figure out how a water bladder stores in the back. the staff couldn’t figure it out either. does it hold enough stuff for you? anyone shed some light on this vest?

thanks, hope your summer is going well.

Got one
I have been using a plain ol Platypus 1.8 L bladder, laying sideways with the neck facing down. Works OK, is actually easier to fill inside the PFD than to fill and insert.

I have found a low-tech way to add some insulation - just recycle a UPS bubble envelope as a cozy.


Sure you don’t mean…

– Last Updated: Aug-01-07 8:54 PM EST – Astral "Aquavest" 300? The ads show a hydration unit on these.

I have an Astral Tempo 300 and like it a lot but can't figure out where a bladder would go...

DUH.. Astral says you can put a bladder in the Tempo 300 and taking a closer look at mine the is a small opening about the size of your hand that you could stuff something between the back layers. Didn't know that.

PLUS.. The Astral website doesn't list the Tempo 300 any longer.. would be too bad as I liked the tow stap..

Temp 300 replacement?
in the recent Adventure Kayak mag, there is a quick review of the new Astral Grunion, which looks to be a likely replacement for the T300. oddly the Grunion is not on the Astral site…

how do you secure the water bladder in between the back panels? i couldn’t figure it out in the store, and neither could the staff.

how would you rate the jacket, is it worth the big bucks? it is hugely expensive in Canada.

Main Reason I like it… (Tempo 300)
Is for the built in quick release tow belt. The straps are very comfortable. The vertical pockets are difficult to get bulky things in and it carries a lot of the flotation in the belly.

If it’s hugely more expensive than other good ones I could easily pass on it… I would look for one with more usable pockets and besides I don’t need a hand warmer and I won’t be stuffing a bladder in it…

I have a Tempo 300 w/Hydration Bladder
The 1.5 liter bladder has two straps that you feed up through the top and clip to the PFD straps. At first I had the 1.0 liter bladder without the straps, and the thing was constantly slipping down partially through the opening and prevented me from being able to lean back. The one with the straps is better in this regard.

This is my first PFD, and I have no complaints except that I lost the damn tow ring like the second time I went out :/. User error, as they say.

Tempo 300
I have one and love it - fits like no other!

I use a Lotus hydration pack on mine. Funny you should mention that, I’ve never seen the Astral hydration pack or bladder or whatever it is in pictures or at Canoecopia. The Lotus works great but it isn’t made anymore either, too bad since it’s short enough not to be in the way of the towing rig.

no dude
the bladder is supposed to fit inside the actual back panel of the pfd itself, not requiring an outside add on pack.

Astral Bladder
I’ve got one of the women’s specific PFD’s, love it. Got the bladder direct from Astral, does hook in on the shoulder straps, but if you’ve got one of the shorter length PFD’s (as is the women’s), it hangs out the bottom about 2 inches. It’s nice, because it keeps the water cooler in-between the layers, but I generally forget to get it out and insert it, because it defeats the purpose of my shorter vest.

using an Aquavest 300
Here’s a pick of the bladder used in the Astral PFDs

I like the fit and really appreciate the cow-tail holder on the Aquavest 300, and the QR harness. Belay loop is a bonus.

Great mobility and comfort. Pull-over design is very secure and allows for the large main pocket and doesn’t require re-threading the rescue harnes every time you don the vest. Downside is it can be a pain to pull a vest over your head to put it on - tho’ it hasn’t bothered me much yet.

Main pocket could use a small inner pocket for key/lipbalm/etc. Handwarmer pocket comfy but unused by me - it’s always been warmer to tuck my hands under the vest next to my body - wish that the handwarmer pocket had side closures.

Good side impact protection built in, spinal protection good where the vest covers but it doesn’t cover very high up the spine - a protection trade-off to mobility.

The Aquavest IS expensive but probably one of the three best WW rescue vests out there. Since the Tempo 300 doesn’t seem to be listed anymore this vest may be an option.

Good luck.

now i get it.
theres a specific bladder with straps that work in the pfd panels. thanks.

T300 PFD
I have the Tempo 300 and also use the Lotus system with it. I’ll have to look to see how a bladder would fit between the panels.

I’m quite unhappy with the cords used for tightening the shoulder straps, since mine do not stay in place as adjusted. I’m thinking they forgot to put the cord locks in the pfd I bought.

For the high price, I’m not sure I’d get the same one again. I also think the pockets are small.

The first time I tried on a Tempo 300, I wasn’t impressed - the shoulder straps were really loose and wouldn’t tighten properly (according to their rep at Canoecopia). The one I have is pretty solid. One concern was for a hand of god rescue, and having a rescuer grab onto a strap that just keeps moving and I wouldn’t come up. They only move up about 3" on me before they stop, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks for posting the pic of the Astral bladder. I had no idea what it was, and now need to take another look at mine.

Loosing tow line
The tape will slid through the quick release buckle pretty easily I lost a tow several times before going back to my previous system. Not just mine either I checked a few and they all do it.

Agreee with other comments regarding small pockets, I dont think they are small but its like getting change out of tight jeans pockets. Shoulder adjustment can slip.

Good build quality but not quite there.