Astral Tempo 200 PFD

Does anybody have advice on the Astral Buoyancy PFD called the Tempo 200? I dropped $138 on it today because I needed a PFD as soon as possible, and I was looking for one that had more comfort through the chest for women paddlers. I went to Hudson Trail Outfitters and they didn’t have the Lola (which doesn’t have enough pockets for my taste anyway) so I went with the Tempo 200, but I’m just wondering what the reviews on this one are like. I’m pretty happy with it - I’ve already given it a favorable review in the Product Reviews section but I’m wondering what other people think. Thanks!

The Astral Bouyancy
has only been on the market for a little over a year. You won’t find many reviews though the ones around are positive.

I just waiting to “lose” my PFD somehow so I can replace it with an Astral.


remember vests lose about 5 %
of their bouyancy every year. You really “need” that Astral now don’t you ! ;-). Me too!

I bought one a few weeks ago,
despite the fact that my other two were still in good shape, because of the tremendous freedom of movement through the arms. I have only paddled with it on once, but it has so many really nice design features, I think it’s going to be a winner! Still too early for me to write a review:)

I have an Astral Wonderjacket and
I like it a lot! I put it on and said “I can breath!” Nice not to be squeezed. Good freedom of movement and I like the adjustments. Enough pockets for me. So far, the best I’ve tried!