Astral Tempo vs. Aquavest

I am going to buy a PFD and have narrowed it down to these two. I used an Aquavest previously and loved it! It seems to me that the only difference is a little reflective tape, a zipper, and the placement of the pocket(s). I’m using it primarily on the Susquehanna river in PA. I’m a beginner, just paddling around the islands on evening and daytrips, but could see doing a little ‘rougher’ paddling too. Chime in w/your opinion. It is the Astral Tempo 200 vs Astral Aquavest 200. Thanks!


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Sea kayakers usually prefer the zipper model for ease of use while WW likes the vest model.

I have a Tempo 300 and find it very comfortable. Just a few more bells and whistles than the 200.

Nice feature of the Tempo is that you can unzip it for cooling and it still is buckled.

I have the Tempo and like it for the same reason as grayhawk - can just snap it when it’s hot. It is also roomy in the arms.

The downside is that getting back on board is a bit harder with so much flotation low on your chest.

Make it three in a row!
Tempo 200!

For your uses, the convenience of the front entry will be appreciated over time.

Some on eBay! stores.

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Aquavest vs temp
I’ve got the Aquavest Pro. I really like it, but you have to pull it over your head as opposed to the open zipper. If I was to do it again I’d go with the tempo

I’ll Screw It Up

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I had problems with the 200. It chaffed my neck. I adjusted everything that could be adjusted with no luck. I'm very happy with the Kokatat Msfit. I also like the Extrasport Eagle (the pfd tag says 'eagle' but the price tag says 'osprey').

Besides being more comfortable, both of these models had more, and easier to access pockets than the Tempo 200.

If you go with the 200 check with the dealer and see if they'll let you return it if you don't like it. My dealer let me return mine.

Thanks everyone! As of last night I have ordered the Tempo 200 and am EAGERLY awaiting its arrival!