asymmetrical hulls

I was looking at the Prodigy X and saw that it is listed as having 5" of rocker the the bow and 3.5" in the stern. What is this asymmetry designed to accomplish?

And that got me wondering why my Dumoine is more tapered in the bow?

thanks, larry

Speed and tracking…
…are the usual reason for using an asymmetric hull design with differential rocker. The asymmetric hull has its widest point aft of the centerline. This makes the boat paddle like a longer boat, and hence be faster than a symmetric hull of the same length and beam. Differential rocker is designed to make a boat track better, and is often used as a compromise for boats designed to both track and turn. They require a somewhat diifferent paddling stroke for effective turning than symmetric hulls do. Not sure why that design is used in a WW boat though. May have something to do with surfing performance???