AT 2 paddle

I borrowed an AT 2 WW paddle at a pool session the other night. I loved it, but don’t have that kind of cash to spend on a paddle. Is there anything similar to it on the market? I liked the 0 offset, crank shaft, nice weight, bouyancy, and length (197cm?). It really felt “natural” and helped my roll improve. I see that there are a few versions of the AT 2 out there, so I’m even wondering what I was holding. Any help or insight would be appreciated.

If you find one, tell me -:wink:
I don’t know of anything WW with bent shaft that would be much cheaper and not weigh a ton. But if you find something, let me know - I want one too.

As for the 0 offset, you can order them this way but almost no one carries 0 offset one piece WW paddles for some reason in stock.

AT2 Flexi 200
I was just fine with my Werner Desperado until I was conspired against last summer. The Werner Sho Gun is very similar to the AT2. Both are very good paddles but I liked the feel of the AT just a smidge better. Occasionally, you will see them for sale used. You are probably more likely to find one used on Boatertalk. They are expensive paddles no doubt…I happened to catch mine at a good sale price. I have not regretted for one second spending the extra cabbage.

double bends :slight_smile:
the AT has a double bend (2 planes) in the shaft. It’s unique as they have the patent on that shaft. Blades are nice as well…

gotta agree, it’s sweet. flexi here.


you pay for the light weight
I have an AT 4 Play glass shaft. Yes, it’s heavy but is a nice paddle. I didn’t want to spend more money because I don’t do much WW. Sea kayaking I normally paddle with 0 or 15 degree offset and found the stock 30 degrees easy enough to adjust to.

On the other hand, buy the paddle you will love. In a few months your wallet will forget the pain.

Bought it from the fine folks at the Kayak Shed in beautiful Hood River (no affiliation just a happy customer).

AT 4
I talked to the folks at Rutabaga and they say I would probably like one of the AT 4 models available. I checked them out and they seem more in my price range. A little heavier, but it probably wouldn’t matter as much as I paddle whitewater anyway. I was also told I’d probably have to order one if I wanted a zero offset. Thanks for the help everybody.

How about the Ty Warp?
Harmony has the bent shaft models for a very reasonable price (clearance). I read here and there that these tend to break but who knows if they do that more often than others or not…

While I am a firm believer in “You get what you pay for,” the kind of paddling I do or will be doing doesn’t necessitate anything that indestructible. As long as the initial price is decent and the paddle feels right and continues to help me improve my roll I’ll be happy. I’ve borrowed a lot of ww paddles. Straight, bent, oval, round, feathered, 1 pc, 2 pc, even 4pc. The AT2 felt the best so far. I don’t have to be in heaven though, as long as I can see it from where I’m at.


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Having broken a few AT2's, I'll chime in here...

I agree with you totally, the AT2 has a great feel. My favorite WW paddle.
I have a broken AT2 paddles on 3 occaisions. The failure point has always been at the shaft bend. But please note that I really think these paddles are well made and durable, I am mostly to blame for the failures. Funny thing is that the failures occurred in the ocean/surfing, not from banging into rocks on the river.
My experiences are somewhat dated now and I think that the paddles are now made even stronger.
The reason I think the paddles were failing in the surf is due to several tricks that I like to do that place a tremendous load on the paddle shaft. Wavewheels, Helixs, and most aerial launches require that you throw your weight onto the shaft to launch you and your boat. Given the wave energy, your weight, the boats weight, etc. these loads can get pretty substantial. Over time, the shaft fatigues and finally fails at the weakest point... the bend.
If I had the money, I would buy another AT2 today without a second thought. While I do not currently use an AT for surf or WW, I do use an Ergo Tour 4 with my sea kayak. I love that paddle too.
Construction materials aside, the obvious difference between the AT4 and AT2 is that the AT4 blades do not have the foam core. I think that the floatation of the foam core blade helps contribute to the nice feel of the AT2. Having said that, I think most of the 'feel' of the AT paddles comes from their shaft design and that would be very similar (the same) between the AT2 and AT4.
Bottomline is that they are great paddles, excellent 'feel'. You'll be happy with whichever AT falls into your price range.

I’ve had AT4 Play

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for some time last year and used it primarily for sea kayaking in surf. Was indeed a good paddle and very comfy, but heavy. Seemed very strong (there were two trims at the AT4 level as well I think - and one is even heavier than the other but a little cheaper yet).

I've also used the AT XCeption SL (I think) and older version of what's their carbon version in stores today - got to agree it is also a very good paddle, smooth and strong yet light and with very lean entry and exit to the water.

I have since sold both mostly because they were the wrong size for me plus I mainly switched to wing and GP for sea kayaking and a cheap 2-piece Werner Desperado for WW that allows me to have 0 feather and is actually quite lightweight as WW paddles go. But I wouldn't mind a bent shaft 0 feather next for WW, if I ever gather enough $$$ for that as it is somewhat of a low priority right now...