AT kayak paddle shortening

Anyone have advice on how to or if it is possible to shorten this paddle. It is the exception model with the lever camlock ferrule.


I’d talk to AT. First, how long is it?
What kayak are you paddling?

I ask because while many sea or rec kayakers use too long a paddle, maybe you need the length you have.

With a special ferrule, maybe one would have to first cut the shaft segements close to the ferrule and then dig the stubs out, cleaning the insides of the ferrule halves carefully. They you’d need to get the shafts to the length you want and epoxy them into the ferrule halves.

But getting the shaft pieces out of the ferrule may be very difficult. I’ve heard that heat may release the epoxy bond to the ferrule, but it may also weaken the shaft laminate.

Maybe AT would sell you a clean, new ferrule. And then you’d get a chance to talk to them about the procedure.

If you must, try this

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The ferrule has two sides, one with the lock and the other with the insert. On my Epic wing the insert was really easy to remove with a bit of heat (I used a heat gun, hot water would work too, perhaps). So you could remove the insert, chop off a few inches of the shaft, then reglue it back in (I used 3M marine adhesive and it so far it has been holding very well).

Before you cut anything, measure if the shaft remains round a few inches beyond where the insert ends. If it does not, you would weaken the paddle as less of the insert will be in contact with the round section of the shaft.

If you can do what I describe above, it is a really easy thing to do. Sometimes the insert is glued with epoxy, in which case you will be out of luck as it won't come out without damaging the shaft and the insert. But if it is glued (as it most likely is) with some sort of lesser glue that liquified with heat well below the temp that would damage the composite, you should be OK with careful application of heat as to not create hot spots beyond what is safe for theaddle.

I know the paddle is too long. I paddle a Silhouette, the paddle is a 220, and I’m 5’4". I bought the paddle used for real cheap. I am on my 2nd attempt at contacting AT with no reply so far.