AT Oracle Paddle

Does anyone have an AT Oracle bent shaft Paddle? It’s a newer touring model for them. I ordered a straight shaft online from a retail vendor and when it showed up in the mail, it was the bent shaft version. I paid the straight shaft price for the more expensive bent shaft version (bonus me). I am debating whether to keep it or send it back. I will try it out this weekend, but didn’t know if anyone had feedback.

I have a busted Werner crank shaft that was my go to paddle. I have been looking for a replacement and thus settled on the AT. (Please don’t comment on Werner fixing paddle, I’ve gone down that route and they say it isn’t fixable for what I feel is a fairly easy fix - sort of a sore subject with me). That is why I’m going down another route for a replacement paddle.

When I hold the AT next to the Werner the crank looks sort of unusual. I loved my bent shaft Werner and it felt very natural. I also sometimes use a wing and have a natural, powerful, high angle stroke. I caught the Oracle for a good price online and bit.

Anyone find the crank on the oracle to be awkward? I’ll get to try it out this weekend. The AT crank shaft is also 2 oz heavier than the straight another reason I’m thinking of swapping.

I have one
First, 2oz isn’t that much weight difference. At least it isn’t to me, I don’t know if I would notice or even care.

The Oracle blade shape is nice and I like it a lot more than any of Werner’s. The bend in the bent shaft is different than Werner and I like it a bit more. The mechanism for setting the feather angle is better in AT paddles as well. I am not a big fan of Werner though.

Try it out and see if you like it.

Yeah the 2 oz difference between the straight and bent AT shaft isn’t that much but overall, but the AT paddle is 5 oz heavier than my old Werner (same length).

I’m on the water tomorrow, so I’m excited to give the AT a test run. I did hear from the customer service at the retailer and was informed that they “only” carry the crank shaft. I’ve looked at the website six ways from Sunday and it doesn’t say anywhere that the crank is your only option. Nonetheless, I still think I got the crank for a good price (under $190). I’m flexible and have used crank shafts in the past, but if I really wanted the straight shaft version, I’d be kind of pissed it wasn’t specified on the website.

On the visual test the cranks on the Werner paddle re-center in the middle between the two cranks. On the AT paddle the space between the two bent portions is still offset. Sort of hard to describe, but visually it looks a little weird. I’ll have a better review after I get it on the water and paddle, brace, roll, etc.

Thanks for the reply.