AT Paddle - Quest Blade Ergo - thoughts?

Found a deal on the internet for a quest blade ergo shaft paddle by Adventure Technology for $69. I ended up ordering one because the other prices I saw for them was around $270-300 and the reviews seemed good.

Does anyone have any experience with this paddle, do you like it?

I had one.
I used it once, took it back and found a paddle that suits me much better. I thought the AT Quest was okay if you’re lnto heavy paddles with no detectable catch. It does have a clever feathering system though.

Hope you get your paddle
Or your money back. $69 for $300 seems abit too good to be true.

Sorry, don’t know about that particular paddle, other that the AT bent shafts are considered ergonomic, but some prefer the bends of other brands - personal preference. If you indeed get it at this price, you can easily resell it for no loss if you don’t like it.

Hard to go wrong
I have one of their touring blades that’s one class up from that and it paddles well. Hard to go wrong with a name brand for $69 if it fits your needs.

Cogito, Ergo Sum $69.

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