AT Paddles

Does anyone have input or advice or AT paddles. I was looking at the Lendal (bent shaft) for the ability to interchange blades but its pricey and the at ergo t4 sounds to be blend for touring and sufing in a touring kayak and the price is much more attractive—any user of at or paddlers who can make recommendations?


love 'em

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i have several: first generation at xception (with kevlar), newer generation xception sl (both w/ OS blades--over-sized), and an atx for surfing.

i find the bend in their shafts to be the most comfortable, and the grip size and shape to be just right (slightly more ovaled and wider than werner or lendal.) the OS blade is a really nice size and shape--kind of a mid-point between the werner kalliste and the ikelos and good for both high and low stroking.

quality is extremely good and my customer service experiences have always been entirely satisfactory.

that being said, the at was my first and now only bent shaft paddle brand (though i did comparison shop.) i have noticed when i paddle-swap with friends who use either werner or lendal paddles that we all kinda cringe when we try a different brands shaft and end up swapping back pretty quickly, each of us thinking "how can you use that thing...?"

my point is, that they are all probably pretty good: it's what you get used to and once gotten used to, it's hard to switch around.

all things being equal then, the AT is the prettiest ;) with the least amount of advertising on it.

popular with WW paddlers
I know several experienced white water kayakers who use them and love them.

before switching full time to a gp, i used an at xception, and loved it. have tried a whole slew of euro paddles, including lendall and werner. i like the at bent shaft configuration best and find that the blade shape is very forgiving if not quite a powerful as the new generation of high angle paddles. may not be true for you though so you may want to try before you buy. don’t know if you are interested in trying a gp, but i can’t imagine going back to a euro paddle even one as sweet as the at. btw, the blade shape of the at makes it very friendly in wind, so there’s really no nead to feather the blades, whcih in turn makes rolling easier and also is more friendly to the wrists.

guy drives his car over one:

that funny
I like the vid. thanks, those guys have to much timeon their hands!

AT Exception

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Love it, and so does everyone who borrows it, even dedicated 100% GP guys:

It was my first paddle, I shopped around a great deal. Similar to other bent shafts, but more refined and prettier to my eye. Now I've gone mostly to GP, and it's my backup to change technique during a tour, use different muscles, etc. Also, my wife loves it as her primary paddle when she goes with - easy on her delicate wrists, don't you know.

what they said…
all GREAT advice.

the AT has, IMHO, the finest feel in the water of ANY non-GP paddle made. soft, double bends in the shaft and oh-so-sweet foam core blades.

many paddle have wayyyy too much curve or hook and while giving more fwd power, have a funky feel for EVERYTHING else. The AT is a very natural feel in the water.

HI or LOW angle style works great, ruddering is super…oh I sound like a salesman!

I have sold folks $400 REC boats and $400 AT paddle to go with it! no one complains.


thanks to all for the great input… Im sold,just ordered one! thanks again

The music was appropriate.
You’d have to be high to do that to a paddle!


AT Xception
is a great paddle. I’ve had it for about a year now and I use it as a backup for my wing paddle. My only issue is their AT’s apparant lack of customer support. I’ve not been very successful at contacting them regarding questions about my paddle as well as possible repair work.

I have a two piece AT Xception and it has developed some “loosness/play” around the push button connection in less than a year.