Atlantic Hurricane Season Over?

Despite record warm temps (air and water) in New England, seems like the Atlantic tropical activity has tapered off. Largely, because El Nina has set up in the Pacific. Wind patterns from El Nina generally shear the development of cyclonic patterns in the Atlantic.

Personally, I want the extra warmth to STOP! Let’s get some of that crisp NE weather. Bring on the nor’easters we New England surfers love and expect!

An oldie from the past, when the weather felt a bit more normal and we could “chill” with the breaks that have been abandoned by the “summer folk”:

Please bring some.



We’ve been getting some refreshing ,windows open at night and a blanket, weather in NW SC.

We are 20 days into October. Of these, we have about 15 days where we averaged 5 degrees over the usual high temps. Up to 2 days ago, we had not had a frost in Worcester, MA; Burlington, Vt, or Carabou, ME. This is 2-3 weeks later than normal.

Frankly, it is scary. The acceleration in climate change is becoming more perceptible whereas 10 years ago, folks were still able to argue about average changes of one or two degrees. These are new records. :slightly_frowning_face:

I don’t blame the younger generations for hating us “Boomers.” :rage:

And, as a northeast surfer, I hate seeing so many folks still walking around the beaches in shorts and sunglasses. They need to be home having pumpkin spice latte, or something…


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It’s happening, looks like we going back to more “normal” weather. The jetstream of low pressure systems hitting the West Coast will be coming across the country. It’ going to contribute to the development of a low system south of Cape Cod, somewhere off the coast of NY/NJ.

This is essentially going to be the first a classic nor’easter type storm for New England this year. We are going to get stormy conditions and big swells from Late Tuesday/Wednesday into the weekend. Unfortunately, these will be accompanied by 25 knots of E/NE (onshore) winds. Winds won’t go off-shore until the latter part of the weekend. So, good surf maybe Sunday, but more likely Monday/Tuesday.

We back to regular fall programming at the local breaks. :slight_smile:



All Hallows Eve

Now, this is spooky:

Well, not really, Wanda will be wondering around in the Atantic for a while.
That other yellow X, we’ll just have to wait and see whether it’s a Trick or Treat.

Well we got our first Nor Easter last week in south NJ on the Delaware Bay, winds around 35 and the storm hit at high tide.

Wanda just ruined it for me. Was wishing for the end of hurricane season…


In the 50s here this am. No hurricanes coming South.

Yup. While Wanda meanders in the mid-Atlantic, something appears to be coming across the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), off west Africa.

It ain’t over until it’s over. Doh! :clown_face: