Atlantic Kayak Tours, Annsville, NY????

Can anyone tell me…do they allow people to launch from their store location? If so, is it still accessible eventhough they are closed for the season (not sure if they have a gate or something or if they would not allow you to since they are closed).

I assume that launching from there is probably find but want to check before I make a trip out there tomorrow to paddle.



I’d worry more about ice
the launch is a public launch but I’m not sure if it’s open. Why not launch from Foundry Cove in Cold spring? There is plenty of parking on weekends. As I type this at 4:30 AM Friday morning it’s -1 degree in Poughkeepsie.

Probably iced over
Their launch point at Annsville is into a very protected bay. Even that far south, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t iced over. It’s not a short piece of ice breaking to make it into the Hudson proper.

Annsville Creek
Hi Matt,

It’s a NYS Park so launching there isn’t a problem. Atlantic just has a concession site there. Good use for an old DOT garage.

To find open water you’d be better off launching from George’s Island or perhaps Piermont. The shallow Annsville Creek is going to be iced solid. At least that’s what a friend of mine found who went out a week ago, while it was warmer.

With it being 1 degree this morning coming into the Showroom, open water is going to be harder and harder in the less saline portions of the tidal Hudson.

See you at the pool.


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Hudson Ice
Listen to Marshal.

I was at Plum Point today. Solid ice extended way out into the river. About the only open water is mid river where the boat traffic is keeping thing open.

Look to southern points where the river is wider.

I did get some beautiful pictures but don’t know how to post here.

Round Valley…

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Only had some ice on the edges, easy to break through. Lake proper was clear. But that was last week. It's been below freezing every day since.

Matt, NY harbor should be fine. You can put in at Liberty state park.


Piermont probably ice too
The Piermont launch is in a protected and shallow cove. There’s probably a lot of ice there too. The Memorial Park launch in Nyack might be clear. Maybe.

Or come north
Launches that go pretty much right onto the river further north, where it is narrower, tend to stay more open. Coxsackie, Coeymans may involve dodging some ice after this round of temps, but shouldn’t be frozen solid.

The issue further north is bridges - ice packs will build up just above them. But that’s easily checked on a map.

More North Better?
Really Celia? Tivoli usually looks like an icy jumble at this point which only the USCG ice breaker keeps navigable. -4 this AM here in Hyde Park with streams freezing from the bottom up as the cold seeps into the stream bed.

Anyone up in Stuyvesant or Coxackie area that can eyeball the river. I’ve got two bits that says it’s too iced over to be worth it.

It’s the pool tomorrow or a plane flight to some lower latitude for me in order to get a water fix.

See you on the water,


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Not a certainty for sure
The spots that launch closer out into the current tend to stay open better than some of the ones further up here by Albany which are more protected spots. That said, it is a cold-frozen-river kind of winter so right now the Hudson in general may be pretty limited. And I haven’t been on the water lately so it may be bad all the way up.

That said, we’ve found in years past that you can launch from Coxsackie some times when you can’t get out from the snow dock in Albany, because the latter has ice buildup from the bend and above the bridge and you are in deeper (more moving) water faster. I drive over the Mohawk a couple of times a week and I am seeing variable stuff at launch points there as well, though the problem with the Mohawk is that even if a launch point is clear it’ll be solid ice pack within a very short distance due to all the bends. Tivoli as I recall is launching into pretty shallow stuff well out - or do I remember that wrong? It’s been a while.

Many of the launch points that may function now at all have a marina with a bar or restaurant that is still serving beer. It might be worth it for Matt to make some calls.

Open to the public
Annsville Creek Paddlesport Center State Park and ramp are open to the public. In the off season the ramp is disconnected from land and the dock floats free. You can launch from land behind the clivus multrum composting toilet. We try to keep that area mowed to allow for easy (but muddy) launching. Annsville Creek is now frozen solid. The ramp gets reconnected in April.

Lots of ice
Ice in the Hudson River really grew the last three nights. I am looking at the river from my apartment just above the Rip Van Winkle Bridge; the river is about 3.4 mile across here.

Only a narrow shipping lane is open, and in some stretches needs breaking again.

Width of Hudson
Conveniently, in another thread on this board, the following link was posted to NOAA charts

Chart 12347, page 7 charts the Hudson River near Catskill, above and below the Rip Van Winkle Bridge. From reading the chart and having paddled it often, there is no way that the width of the Hudson at that point is any where near 3.4 miles, and I would question whether the Hudson is 3.4 miles wide at any point.

Certainly not at the Rip Van Winkle
Haverstraw to Croton is 3.43 according to Google Earth and my eyeball as to what “across” is.

Widest point?
thanks for that info Mintjulip!

I would think that at Catskill/Hudson
3/4 mile across is what was meant.

Yes, 3/4 mile, sorry
Yes, 3/4, sorry for the typo. I live right next to the RVW bridge, which is one mile across.

As December Sets In
Here is a webcam url for Germantown NY for spotting ice at the Lasher memorial state launch.

Just through this in because I was googling for info on Annsville parking in the winter. Tomorrow the tide looks to be about perfect…high tide at noon…around the midpoint of daylight…so its north and return south at a good time.

More webcam url’s would be welcome…