Attaching a lanyard to VHF question

Belt Clip Knob Works…
…with the Standard Horizon HX270S. Must say I was surprised that there was no lanyard anchor point - not clever design - but the radio seems to work just fine…

how do you mount it
to your shoulder?

Icoms are getting obsolete
When Icom makes a VHF handheld with built-in gps, navigation capabilitlies, and dsc distress reporting then they will have caught up with Standard.

The last thing I heard about Icom concerned their 25W marine radios for power boats…the first sets of units had a software defect that rounds off received dsc distress or position reports to the nearest nautical mile, intstead of feet. Icom would not fix it, leaving alot of people disappointed.

It’s pretty simple…
You can mount the belt clip to the shoulder strap of your PFD. There are pics of it in my “Kayak Gear” album at:

S-H radios still have the same flaws…
…so how “dead” can that “horse” be? They’ve known for years that these are weak points and they still haven’t fixed them. People should know about these issues before they plunk down their hard-earned cash.

Nice features, yes…
…but they don’t help you if the radio dies because it leaks. I’ll take basic function with outstanding durability over extra features every time.

looks great…thanks!

Next time you are around some of the better paddlers and coaches you might find it enlightening to ask where they stow their VHF and why.

Frankly, I don’t care what others do

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Shoulder mounting works really well and I've proven that to myself under some nasty conditions. I know a lot of good paddlers who shoulder mount their radios. Do whatever you want, but I know what works when the crap hits the fan because I've tested it.

If you really think there's a better way, why don't you post the information rather than making cryptic references and expecting people to guess? Most people here probably don't have access to the group of "better paddlers and coaches" that you refer to. State your case and lets discuss it.

that looks
practical and functional and accessible for most paddling conditions. I like it. I guess my only concern is whether it would stay put during a serious pounding in surf. I think it PROBABLY would but I’d be happy to test…with someone else’s radio.

I’ve been using your mounting system for years now and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Another nice aspect of having it on the shoulder is the radio is out of the way during a self rescue. Front pockets are fine for many things but radios stored there can be an obstacle when swimming over and crawling the deck.


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Its not like I said there was one true way and attaching it to the shoulder strap was a bad idea. I expressed no opinion on that. I do believe where you stow a VHF depends on many factors and its unreasonable to always do it one way no matter where you are or what you are doing. I just suggested that by asking a variety of folks they might get different opinions which might be helpful in forming a personal opinion and to exercise judgement on the matter. I assume folks can filter out what doesn't work or seem useful for themselves. Just as you did in adopting the method Brian prefers.

question about SH GPS
How does the display and function compare to, say, a Garmin GPS?

Apples and Oranges
The GPS display on the S-H is rudimentary and not even in the same ballpark, or state for that matter, when compared to a typical Garmin unit used by kayakers for navigation purposes. Best to think of the GPS function in that radio as there for DCS and the display is, if not an afterthought, then there to provide basic info at most.

ah, thank you
When someone makes a truly useful GPS packaged with VHS (and cellphone?) they’ll have something. OTOH there might be an advantage to not having all the eggs in one basket.

I agree with that!

I have the HX751
I have the SH HX751 and mount the cord through the holes in the belt clip which I secure to the D ring in my PFD. Here are some pics. Works very well.

do you use a 25w marine radio
for powerboats in your kayak?

If you want to make a straight-up comparison of the two handhelds, then please do so.


hh GPS
It gives you speed, distance, course and eta to a destination. The main purpose of the gps is for postion reporting and distress reporting.