Attaching a rudder lift line

I have a Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T and can’t find any really clear videos on how to do this. At this point I’m trying to find a kayak/boating repair shop in the NYC metro area. I’ve called countless clubs and organizations and no one seems to have an answer which is very strange. I’ve always done my own repairs but this one baffles me. Does anyone know a store or a person who could do this?

Are you replacing the lift line or are you adding the rudder and looking for info on how to add the routing of the lines attached to the rudder towards the cockpit? Also is it a Wilderness systems rudder (has 2 lines coming from the rudder, one to deploy and 1 to retract) or another, as some others used a spring to deploy and just a line to retract the rudder.

The rudder is in place. I’m just replacing the lift line.It is a Wilderness Systems rudder with the two holes like you mentioned. I’ve seen some videos about running the lines from the rudder but nothing about how to attach it to the rudder itself.

That is what I thought you wanted.

If the holes in the rudder blade are slanted this will identify which is the lift hole and which is the deploy hole. If not, I don’t think it matters.

the round sections on each side of the blade should have a groove in it for the lines.
You will thread the a line in each hole using a knot stop the line from pulling thru. feed each line from opposite sides. One line will go over the round section on same side as it exits the blade, the other will go under the round section. Please see my horrible sketch below. If the holes are slanted you might have to run the lines on the opposite sides than the sketch.

I am installing a rudder that has a reversible spring. Is it best to use the spring for deployment or retraction?

Usually the spring would be set to deploy. The reason is if your rudder hit something it would be able to kick up and go over the object and auto redeploy. This would not be the case if it was set to retract.