Attaching brass plate

In the final stages of varnishing my 15’ cedar strip canoe. I am thinking of adding/attaching a brass plate with name and date of completion but wondering how to attach.

Obviously concerned about drilling holes in the nicely finished hull but also concerned about attaching with epoxy and the possible issue of varnishing over the brass plate with next years coat.

Any suggestions?

Put it somewhere else other than hull
such as on the thwart. facing the backside so it doesn’t rub anything, but still can be displayed.

Alternative would be get an artist to paint a lovely sort of personalized decal/avatar/icon on the hull bow end, including the date, that could be varnished over, assuming that you don’t feel confident enough to make your own design.

This has been another “simple answer to simple questions™” moment.

Normally they are on decks
not the hull. Decks sometimes never need revarnishing. When its time either remove them or wipe off excess varnish from them.

There are hundreds of repair and construction experts at

the hangout for wooden canoe people.