Attaching d-rings

I was thinking about attaching 2 or 3 d-rings to the bulkhead behind the seat to make more use out of this space

Found this d-rings from Knoydart website, has anyone tried these?

Contact cement…
…should bond it to foam, fiberglass or plastic bulkheads. Vynabond is another possibility, but it might be too aggressive for plastic bulkheads.

I need to reattach a D-ring to my Royalex canoe–Mohawk Solo 13, and I called Mohawk and they said to get Vynabond, which I cannot find anywhere and don’t have time to order. Well. I MAY have time to order it, but they won’t ship for orders less than $20 and I don’t need anything else from them. Anyone know of a safe, easily findable alternative to Vynabond, one that won’t damage my hull? The D ring is for thigh straps. I will be doing Class and 2 WW in northern Arkansas the week before Easter.

I looked in the archives. Thanks!


Use contact cement on sanded, cleaned
polyethelene bulkheads like the one in my Necky. By the way, Vynabond won’t harm poly boats, but it won’t stick well enough. For fiberglass or similar bulkheads, Vynabond can work, but I would use contact cement.

For canoes, which are often ABS, Vynabond works fine, but follow directions EXACTLY and let it dry to the touch before pressing the d-ring patch to the hull. Wet Vynabond trapped under a patch is reputed to soften the underlying ABS, though I personally have not replicated the effect.

In Arkansas, if you can’t get Vynabond, just use contact cement. Carefully sand the under surface of the d-ring patch, being careful not to sand through the stitches. Again, make sure the contact cement is dry to the touch. Sorry I can’t lend Vynabond. I have so many tubes around the house, I ought to take up glue sniffing.


I am in Baton Rouge, not in Arkansas, I am driving to Arkansas to go canoeing, not that that really matters… Tomorrow is my only day to do this, rain coming over the weekend. You mean just standard contact cement? You have a brand in mind? The adhesive makers do not post the components on the label, so I have no idea whether I am looking at a “vinyl based” adhesive or not. The Mohawk guy said make sure I use a vinyl based adhesive. He told me to get Weldwood contact cement for the foam, but NOT TO USE IT on the D-ring. I suppose I will have to call him again and ask him for more options.


Weldwood contact cement in the little
bottle with the brush. I don’t know what the Mohawk guy is worried about; maybe trapped solvent. But if you prepare the surfaces well and use one or two thin coats of contact cement, letting each dry to the touch, I can’t imagine you having any significant problems. The key is to make sure the contact cement has dried thoroughly so that there is no trapped solvent under the patch when you press it down. The same applies when you use Vynabond.

I can’t find Vynabond, so I either use the Weldwood for the D-Ring or call Florida again tomorrow morning. You’re saying if I clean the surfaces well, I can use the Weldwood on the D-right, correct? I think the Mohawk guy was in a hurry and it did not occur to me it would be such a pain to find Vynabond. I have been to half a dozen places looking. Thanks for your answers!


You may want to
check NRS or one of the domestic ssouces. Knoydart is a British Isles company, and I imagine the shipping could be prohibitive.



try a waterbed repair kit
I think you will find what you are loking for in a weld type glue.