Attaching Flotation bags

I have seen several flotation bags for kayaks and was wondering how to secure the bags. It seems that it would be possible to attach them with a d-ring or similar device to the foot rests and the seat for the bow and stern yet I have seen what appears to be attachment points on the ends of the bags. Where would these attach?

Thank you for any help I could get.

When mine are inflated
in the boat they tend to stay in place. The pressure inside the bag hold them in place…

I have swam out of my boats plenty of times and never had a bag come out. However, a D-ring would solve the problem nicely if you choose to go that route.

I installed a Harmony drain plug way
up in the bow of my sea kayak, and then epoxied a swivel into the hollow opening of the plug so that I could attach the end loop of the float bag. There would be other ways of attaching the swivel to the plug besides using epoxy. You have to fish the end loop with a hooked piece of wire, and then use a short tie or other means to attach it to the swivel. Possibly one could get along without the swivel by just pre-twisting the connection in the opposite direction to that produced when you screw the plug in. After all, it doesn’t take but a couple of turns or so to get the plug seated.

Grommet Holes
are usually on the corners and edges of the flotation bags to run a loop through. If not, there is usually a .5-1" of edge there the material has been sealed. You can burn a small hole through this margin area to run a loop.

Attached the float bags in front by running a loop of velcro (the kind at office supplie stores to manage computer cords) through the hole and around the footpeg rails (in front of the pegs towards the bow). On the stern you can do without because inflated bag will be held in place by the seat back. However, I still run a loop through to attached to something related to the backband. This prevents the bag from flying away when deflated and you’re driving on the highway. I actually lost a stern float bag this way.