Attaching Knife to PFD??????


I bought one of those rescue knives to attach to my PFD -----primarily for whitewater use. Probably one of those things you can do without but may come in handy.

The one I got is a Gerber and it is designed for this purpose. I have seen people with them attached to their PFDs and I was assumign that the clip would work with the attachment patch on my Kokatat, but it does not seem to fit. Is there something I am missing here? How are you supposed to attach these things, or should I get a different one?



I don’t know the “right” answer
but plastic cable ties do the job.

lash tab?
that little 2 inch square or so piece of hard plastic affixed to your vest, right?

if it’s a gerber river shorty and sheath, it will fit but it is a p.i.t.a…the tab needs to be pried out a ways for you to slide the back of the sheath into it and then the tab just snugs right back down into place…once the sheath is in, it ain’t going anywhere.

i had this knife for years…now i carry a pair of sea scissors in a sheath that is taped onto the shoulder of my pfd…the knives just keep rusting and while the scissors eventually rust too, they are cheaper at $15/pop and just as useful.

the gerber river knife is a pain to fit onto a lash tab. I may lose the knife, but the sheath will never fall off.

On the other hand …
when I tried to attach my river shorty to the lash tab on my Lotus PFD it ripped the lash tab, so watch out for using too much force

I use duck tape to attach my machete

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first aid kit and whistle to my well, haven't lost anything yet...

I attached my river shorty …
to my Lotus PFD and the tab broke off after a while. The shorty also comes out of the holder if you don’t do something to keep it in.

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Hair drier
Use a haur drier or heat gun to GENTLY heat the plastic lash tab. Sprity some spray cleaner onto the sheath for lubrication, and shove it in.


not really trying to sound dirty

No lash tab
on my Lotus Mildwater. I had to use heavy nylon thread and sew a hunk of nylon strap on the front. Custom positioned and stronger than a lash tab. The front of the PFD will rip off before the knife sheath (Benchmade river knife) falls off. Also, I positioned the wide strap (like a belt loop) horizontaly, sort of, over a pocket so I can tuck the sheath end in for extra security if needed, or to keep it out of the way.


bear gun?
sissy…i had a bandolier for the grenades made.

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PFD pocket
I keep my knife in my pocket, zipped up. I lost my first knife off the lash tab dohickey.

Had my River Shorty attached to the lash tab on my Extrasport HiFloat for the past 12 years. No problems with the lashtab or the knife. Certainly no rust on the knife - but I use it only in fresh water. The suggestion above about heating up the lash tab with a hairdryer worked great. NRS has a video about removing the knife sheath, but did not mention the hairdryer trick.

And here I thought Bowler1 was back… oh well…

I’ve used my Gerber to spread peanut butter and cut dangling hooks out of trees. Had no problem with the tab on my Astral V-8.

On a leash long enough to be useful, in pfd pocket