Attaching map case to spray skirt or over P&H mini-hatch

  1. Is there a way to add attachment points to a spray skirt to accept a map case?
    Some spray skirts come with attachment points but alas, none of mine have them.

  2. Alternatively, any suggestions about attaching a map case on top of a P&H mini-hatch?
    Both of my P&H kayaks (Cetus LV and Scorpio LV) have the mini-hatch right in front of the cockpit, and attaching a map case over it makes accessing the hatch a bit complicated and adds yet another another doodad to the front deck.


Most people attach map cases to the foredeck bungees. Some attach them only at the bottom so they can be flipped up onto the deck for paddling and flipped down onto the spay skirt where they can be read more easily.

I just print out the maps I need and put them in a clear zip lock freezer bag. They can be rolled up and put under a bungee or stuffed in a PFD.

I have a Cetus with the “glove box” hatch in front of the cockpit. When I was using 4 attachment points, it was a bit of a pain getting into the hatch, under a map case. But attaching the map case at only two points, so it is attached closest to me, works well, I can flip it onto the sprayskirt, and get into the hatch, and read it easier too. And with only two attachment points, if I need to shift it around, that is pretty easy too. I saw that on On-Line Sea Kayaking, by the way:

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I use mini carabiners, to clip it on, and clip to the bungee that runs straight across the boat, closest to the cockpit.


I don’t have a case. I print or copy maps and then use a Scotch thermal laminator to encase them in plastic. I’ve been sliding them under the bungees but that’s too far away and that’s where where the camera goes.

Been considering adding plastic snaps to the skirt and to laminated maps. Since the snap holes will allow water I would cut two opposite corners off the maps and put the snaps where there is no paper.

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Who made your skirt? Seals might be willing/able to modify one of their skirts to add the loops. I can attest that they are quite handy for attaching a chart case, as I used that setup for the EC last month.

If you do put them on the deck, just be sure that you can still easily get to the grab loop for your sprayskirt in case of a wet exit. With my EC setup I had a LOT of stuff on the deck between the chart case, deck bag, sail controls etc, and tried to always be aware to keep that grab loop clear.

Can’t help you regarding the mini hatch. I despise them so would happily cover it up, and my EC kayak doesn’t have one, fortunately.

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