attaching Patrick's paddles

So I got my paddle, and in order to save heinous shipping costs, decided to go with attaching the blades when the paddle got here. We all know how busy Patrick is, but I’m getting very antsy to use my new paddle, and I need way more than the odd bit of instruction he sent along with the paddle. It can’t be that hard to do, and he sent epoxy. Anyone WHO HAS DONE THIS BEFORE! care to e-mail me a slow step by step attaching blades to a one-piece paddle in a non-feathered position? I don’t mean to be rude or ungrateful, but please, only respond if you’ve actually done this before. I’d like to be the only newbie in this particular event. Thanks in advance

I have a two piece paddle
from Patrick. Adjustable length and feather. I had to epoxy the “locker thingy” as Patrick calls it, in place. He advised 60 minute epoxy. Was easy enough to do. As soon as I put the “locker thingy” in place, I wiped of any excess and let sit for a day.

In your case, from what I’ve read, you want no feather, and ultimately after you epoxy it, it’ll be one piece. Just make sure that the surfaces you plan on putting epoxy on are clean. He probably gave you a small piece of sandpaper to rough up the surface slightly for better adhesion.

Good luck!


New Way To Ship and ONNO?
Hey, Pat, is this an option now to reduce shipping from HI? :slight_smile:

My NeWave disappeared over the past week. Think it “walked” away from my car somehow… :slight_smile: Surprisingly, I had such a good week and stoked enough that I didn’t care.

Thinking of a two piece NeWave. Is that any easier/cheaper? Of course, I don’t mind piecing one together either. Just repaired a couple of stress fractures the ONNO wwsurf paddle this AM that I hadn’t used in a couple of years.


Doh ! Had a big baby emergency

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and totally forgot ...... I am very sorry.


Blades and shaft already sanded, taped and marked for position Mindy. The stuff I wrote on filler bag was not intended as instruction, just a note / quick something I thought of in case someone got a hold if it without reading instructions I was supposed to send.


Can do the blades / shaft like this but nervous about not having control over this step. Two piece paddle shipping cost is the same now as it would be from Mainland for most areas other than formerly 'local' SoCal / West Coast. One piece the same and I swear UPS just LOWERED their 'ground' shipping costs. Not as bad as one would think for the big box required.

hey sing wasn’t a nesurf guy selling
one in the fall??

might be quicker and easier to hit him up…