Attaching straps to portage wheels

Just obtained the Seattle Sports ATC wheels for a canoe- sold through numerous outdoor retailers (Cabelas, LL Bean, etc). The instructions are totally lacking on the 4 pieces of strapping supplied to tie down a canoe. While I can improvise a tie down, was there a specific procedure to secure a canoe that the manufacturer had in mind but did not provide? There are 2 short and 2 long straps. Thanks

however you want
we just run two straps through the frame and around nearby thwarts fore and aft to maintain the centering of the canoe

Shorter straps could be used for solo canoes or kayaks.

Others may have other ideas. I’ve not given it much thought… Just wanted to avoid boat slippage over nasty rocky sections of portages in Maine.

I use two straps, angled, with . . .
. . . the load centered over the wheels.

The angling helps the canoe from sliding forward or back when going down or up hills.

To prevent the angled straps from slipping fore or aft, you have to wrap them around something. Unfortunately, the thwarts may be too far apart and result in too great an angle. That’s one of the reasons I prefer slotted gunwales on a tripping canoe.

four points
Glens photos show what needs to be done. I have four short straps attached to the cart with fastex buckles at the ends. And I have four mating straps that go around the seat frame and thwarts. These are left attached to the canoe. The straps pull against the four corners of the cart and keep it from cocking or sliding under the canoe when the cart wheels hit an obstacle in the trail. At a carry, it is a simple matter to slide the cart under the canoe and click the buckles together. I have colored electrical tape on the canoe to mark where the corners of the cart go. the straps are also color coded. Then we only have to adjust the straps at the start of each trip.


Straps loosen up
Ordered this cart and worked adequately on a rather flat 1/2 mile one way trail.

However, the supplied nylon or polyester straps must have some stretch as no matter how tight we cinched them down, they came undone a few times.

AAA Cart !

nither Cart nor Canoe are inviolate …

therefore, select SS hardware in round…or rectangular head shape …drill correct size holes

in the cart cross member near and a bit inboard of the hull’s outside perimeter.

and …drill the gunwale above. Fit 4 gunwale fittings.

If the straps suck, go to Seattle Fabrics n ask what type strapping SF recommends, buy some ( extra ! strap on the shelf is AAA ) and the primo cam strap clamp SF sells with the recommended SF needle n thread.

Threading takes a good push with a hardwood block.

There is absolutely no good reason not to use hardware for stabilizing the strapping.

I carry the canoe now, but …

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when I used to portage it.
I used a home made one from an old baby jogger with the front wheel cut off.

I just used two cam lock buckle straps. I cut each one in half. I used sheet metal screws to fasten the end of each to the side rails of the jogger and then just attached the loose end of each to it's matching buckle in the middle of the canoe.
I tightened them as tight as I could get them and they never loosened up going over logs, roots or rocks.

jack L