Attaching stuff to surf ski's

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Some of you may have read that I fell off my ski and knocked my GPS into the water...lost it. So, what I want to do is attach some "hard points" to the ski. Since there is no internal access, what type of screws are recommended? Toggle bolts, plastic expansion etc.

Also want to rig up some bungies behind the cockpit, what's the best way to do it?

And I just ordered a new GPS from Campmor. I won't lose this one!


Same thing you use on SOT’s
Rivets or well nuts.

well nuts
I’ve had good success with those. You can use those little electrician plastic loops for the shockcord.


Thanks guys!
Just ordered a bunch of stuff.


My Contribution
to Davy Jones’locker today was my GPS marine mount. Gave my GPS to my wife to hold while I practiced remounts for a while, reasoning why subject it unnecessarily to salt water? Forgot that the mount was secured with 3M marine mounting system, no tether-knocked it with my knee, and ploop! Stinks, as there’s a race this weekend and noone has them-will have to jury rig something.

Seeing as you purchased the well nuts, it’s a moot point, but I’ve epoxied on the bungee mounts sold on He uses these on all his boats and sells them separately-you’ll break the boat before you break the bond. No drilling, and super clean looking to boot.

I bought a bunch of those from Huki
to outfit our Westside Bullitt and haven’t used them yet.

They are nice and low profile.



Don’t use Velcro…

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I have to make a correction. The GPS I had was not a GPSMAP 76CSX, I had the 60CSX...which does not float. No hope of retrieval. I ordered the same one today from Campmor.

Right now my plan is to rig up some hard points on the roughly 3" wide center console between my legs. I'll then tether a piece of minicell to the GPS. The minicell is large enough to float the GPS. Here it is untethered but secure on my Artisan.....

On my Artisan, my hard points are serving double duty securing the sheets when I have the sailing rig on.

The rigging on the rear deck is where I plan on putting the camalbak. There's not much room in the cockpit for it.

I'm determined to not repeat my experience. I'm glad no one was around when I spilled. I used every curse I could think of for a good 10 minutes, and at the same time trying to get back on the ski.

I like the idea of using epoxy to attach the rigging clips. I'm a believer in epoxy. I have a 12 year old large drip on my garage floor. It'll outlast the concrete.


Epoxy good
But if your boat was ever waxed it very likely has silicone residue, which may compromise the bond. Or it may still have mold release residue from the original build.

If you’re going to epoxy stuff on, get it clean first.

This is the stuff to use: Interlux Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202. Nasty stuff. Work outside. Wear a respirator. Wear heavy neoprene gloves - not latex, it will melt them instantly.

attaching things to surf ski
Hi Andy,

Placid Boatworks uses Plexus glue to glue on foot braces in the Rapidfire (no bolt holes or bolts) and they seem to be holding up well to the stress of my feet pushing on them on each stroke.

Should you want some Plexis it is available from Jamestown Marine and they ship fast-I get orders in CT (from RI) the next day. Plexus MA 300 or Plexus MA 310 are both $10.34 for a 1 oz dispensing kit. If interested, see their web site.

Take good care of that ski-I want to try it at Raystown!


Laughed at the 12 year old drip-something in your tone tells me you’ve come to think fondly of its constancy, a familiar garage floor friend…

I used the West Marine G-Flex, both to do the bungee rigging, and to glue the ‘L’ channel back into my EFT, after I ripped it out with leg drive (rotation, rotation…). Good stuff-it sets up thick and tacky, no drips.

That Plexus is STRONG and almost badger-like in its tenacity. Took me quite a while to cold chisel the seat out of my QCC700, and took some deli style cold cut slices of carbon with it. Still maybe have a few carbon splinters in my fingertips…

3M makes a product called ‘Marine Reclosable Attachment System’ (Part #051135-06539) which is far stronger than Velcro. It’s actually plastic nubbed pieces that interlock, Lego-style. Had I tethered my mount, I wouldn’t have had to pony up for the new one with the 2 day air in time for Blackburn. Aargh.

12 year old drip…
was from the CLC 17 build (the Maid Maicelph). It’s smack in the middle of the floor, gets a lot of traffic and it’s still there.

You have my sympathy on losing the mount. Hope it works out for you.


Condolences as well on your GPS-would have been curious to hear the choice and creative string of expletives on that one-stinks.

I have a bunch of well nuts, etc. that I’m not using and likely will not. If you need extras, email me off line and I’ll send them to you.

Built your own CLC…kudos. I’m taking the easy way out and buying a used Pygmy double already finely crafted-beautiful, those mahogony boats. I’ll be adding rudder, accoutrements, etc. so I’ll be doing my fair share of tinkering as well.

Keep at that ski. Time in the saddle is what it takes. Fun thing is, when you get proficient at reentries, soon you go looking for power boat wakes-like signing up to ride the mechanical bull at Gillies. Have fun.


Got the hardware today
Installation begins this weekend.