attaching velcro to my IK floor

Trying to be prudent, I just applied Aerospace Protectant 303 to my new Maxxon; there’s no way the seat will stay put now that it’s slicker…than a ‘you know what’; the seat has Velcro strips on its bottom, but no strips on the floor(pvc); who knows what glue is needed to attach Velcro to the floor?..or other tricks; thanx, Mike

I have used Aqua Seal successfully

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just don't over apply. you may want to mask off the area around the velcro before applying the aqua seal. If you have used 303 on the inflatable clean the area first.

I would also check with the manufacturer to see if they recommend a particular adhesive.

I’ve used contact cement with Velcro
after cleaning and roughing the surface. Longevity depends more on how substantial the Velcro is than it does on the adhesive. Try for Velcro meant for rugged applications.

I’ve used epoxy
I’ve used epoxy mixed with adhesive filler fibers.

Been in one boat 13rys.

I would stick with Aquaseal since your boat is an inflatable. I’m not certain that epoxy, contact cement or “roughing” the surface would be compatible with the skin. Do you have a patch kit that came with the boat? If not, you can buy vinyl patch kits and the adhesive glue with them ought to work on velcro strips.

I’m confuzzed. You mentioned the seat but it looks like the seats have an attachment system. Are you looking to velcro the seats in, just add attachment points for stuff, or what?

Thanks for the correction.
Depending on the inflatable construction, there may be other adhesives that will penetrate the Velcro base and stick tenaciously to the boat fabric.

Deuce- good to hear from you; the Maxxon has a center bladder that raises the seat about 3" off the floor; while the seat bottom has attached Velcro strip, the floor tube does not; even though the seat attaches w/ D rings/ usual, the seat is likely to slide forward/backwards during “O-Shoot” moments; my friend (& Maxxon distr.) is going to construct a sub-seat platform to attach his seat; his concern is the seat tends to fall into the recess between the floor tube and side walls, in other words, the seat is not very stable; as ‘oldsters’, comfort & secure seating is increasingly important; thanx for weighing in; same to Willow, Mike