Attatching stuff to your sprayskirt

I saw a picture of Freya Hoffmeister (she’s pretty hot) in SEA KAYAKER with many things attatched to the deck of her sprayskirt (GPS, VHF, cell-phone.)

Does anyone else use the deck of the sprayskirt to store stuff?

Is there a way to attatch a pocket to the neoprene deck to store things in?

Wildwasser makes many skirts
with pockets on the deck.

Yah, I know
But I was wondering about ways to modify my Snapdragon neoprene deck instead of buying a new one.

on my chillcheater tuilik
on the sides of the deck itself are small loops that you could easily run a bungee across the deck and attach things. (I think the loops are for map cases that could lay flat on the deck)

So maybe a couple of webbing loops sewn in and aquasealed at each edge in front of you and then thin bungees?

just a thought.


Sewing + Aquaseal

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Add a pocket or whatever. Aquaseal the stitching. Add seam tape on the backside for extra seal. Look closely at the construction of the skirt itself for other ideas.

Be careful not to sew large inflexible patches to the neo and loose too much deck stretch. No only can it compromise fit and function - it will create stress points where the neo can tear out. Not very likely, just use common sense. Sewing perforates like the edges of a stamp too. Also rarely a problem as the material laminated on the faces should both take the strain and hold the neo together.

Then there's always industrial strength Velcro with marine grade 3M adhesive...

Whatever you do - always think how it will affect exits and entries on and off water.
Even small stuff can cause big hangups.

Even small stuff can cause big hangups
Greyak’s closing caution is my concern with affixing stuff to spray skirt. It seems there are enough other locations for stuff without encumbering one’s spray skirt.

A just concern
I think a secure pocket on the spray deck would not be a problem. The problem I have now, is my multi-pocket pfd (ES Retroglide Saber.) I’m doing multi-mile crossings on the Chesapeake bay and I carry more safety gear (VHF, flares, energy bars) in the pfd. All the extra stuff in the pfd is making it more difficult to set-up for a roll as the bulk is hitting the coaming when I lean forward/over.

Just looking for ways to stay lean.

lotus eft pack
can hole a lot of stuff neatly behind you!

North Water under deck bag
Some of that stuff you may only really need to access if stopped or capsized. Under deck bag is easy to access from cockpit or water. If you’re in the water needing rescue the skirt’s open anyway.