Atteching Float bag?

So I just purchased the Small Float bag from NRS for my 12’ Old Town Dirigo bow. Any suggestions on how to attach it so it won’t pop out of kayak?

Ideally it should be secured at all three corners but the one in the very forward part of the bow typically doesn’t have anything to tie it to and isn’t that easy to get at. The correct solution is to epoxy a stainless steel D-ring on a piece of nylon webbing up there inside the boat but I just tied mine in two places with 6" or so pieces of paracord to the very front of each foot brace track. Once the bag is inflated it always stayed in place.

Epoxies don’t always work well with rotomolded plastic boats, which I believe yours is. Installing a bolt on pad eye (such as may be better option. Use lexell or similar sealant around the bolts to seal it. You may be able to share a bolt or two with another external fitting, such as the deck line or front handle.

Thanks for the input. I’ll have to see which of these will work best. I found these on the web
Sounds like they may be the ticket as long as they adhere as well as they say they will.